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Ford Falcon Fairlane EF EL repair manual 1994-1998 NEW

The Ford EF Falcon is a full-size vehicle which was produced by the Ford Motor Company of Australia between 1994 plus 1996. A total of 192,100 EF models were yielded before substitution of the EF by the Ford EL Falcon inside 1996.The Ford EF Falcon was introduced inside August 1994. It had been a noticeable facelift of the Ford ED Falcon, that it changed. All outdoor panels different than the doorways were brand-new for the EF, when Fairmont plus Fairmont Ghia today had special frontal styling differentiating them within the Falcon models. An upgraded EF Series II range was introduced inside October 1995.

The EF Series additionally saw the initial utilize of polycarbonate headlight lenses rather of glass, saving fat plus gaining shatter resistance.

In a contemporary automobile with a guide transmission the clutch is operated by the left-most pedal utilizing a hydraulic or cable connection within the pedal with the clutch device. On elder vehicles the clutch may be operated with a mechanical linkage. Even though the clutch can physically be positioned pretty close with the pedal, these remote signifies of actuation are required with eliminate the impact of vibrations plus slight engine movement, engine mountings being flexible by shape. With a rigid mechanical linkage, smooth engagement will be near-impossible considering engine movement inevitably happens because the drive is "taken up."

The standard state of the clutch is involved - which is the connection between engine plus gearbox is constantly "on" except the driver presses the pedal plus disengages it. If the engine is running with clutch involved as well as the transmission inside neutral, the engine spins the input shaft of the transmission, nevertheless no force is sent with the wheels.

The clutch is situated involving the engine as well as the gearbox, because disengaging it really is needed with change gear. Although the gearbox refuses to stop rotating throughout a gear change, there is not a torque sent from it, therefore less friction between gears plus their engagement dogs. The output shaft of the gearbox is forever associated with the final drive, then your wheels, so both constantly turn together, at a fixed speed ratio. With the clutch disengaged, the gearbox input shaft is free with change its speed because the internal ratio is changed. Any resulting difference inside speed involving the engine plus gearbox is evened out because the clutch slips somewhat throughout re-engagement.

Clutches inside typical vehicles are installed straight with the face of the engine s flywheel, because this absolutely offers a advantageous big diameter steel drive which could act because 1 driving plate of the clutch. Many racing clutches employ tiny multi-plate drive packs which are not piece of the flywheel. Both clutch plus flywheel are enclosed inside a conical bellhousing, which forms the principal mounting for the gearbox.

A some vehicles, notably the Alfa Romeo Alfetta, Porsche 924, plus Chevrolet Corvette, desired a more even fat distribution between front plus back by placing the fat of the transmission at the back of the vehicle, combined with all the back axle with shape a transaxle. The propeller shaft between front plus back rotates constantly because lengthy because the engine is running, whether or not the clutch is disengaged or the transmission is within neutral.

The EF range began with all the GLI plus Futura. GLI models were obtainable in sedan plus wagon, appealing many with fleet customers plus family customers. GLI models available 15-inch wheels, body-coloured front plus back bumpers except insert mouldings, motorists airbag because standard, as well as the 5-speed guide was standard with four.0-litre SOHC inline 6-cylinder, when a 5.0-litre V8 plus 4-speed automatic was optional.

The Futura shared the total styling of the GLI plus had the same engine plus transmission choices. While the Futura benefited from outdoor variations including body-coloured mirrors, bumpers plus different wheel covers. The Futura was feature-rich, having front energy windows, cruise control, ABS, back headrests, inside chart pockets standard, chart lights, 6-speaker sound program, a digital clock, varying intermittent wipers, fold-out rear-seat armrest plus inside grab handles.

The base models available an optional Tickford body kit, boot installed spoiler with integrated stop light, a choice of 15- or 16-inch alloy wheels, six-stacker CD player, disabled motorists pack plus airbag suitable Smart Bar bull-bar.
The sport range composed the XR6, that was obtainable in both sedan plus wagon, as well as the XR8, that was just obtainable in a sedan. Both XR6 plus XR8 had bold outdoor styling synonymous with past XR Falcons, featuring twin headlamps plus red or black bumper strips plus special 15-inch alloy wheels.

All XR models had the highlights of the Futura and their own attributes, including Tickford reprogrammed gear changes for the electronically controlled four-speed car, Tickford developed sports suspension that included lower springs plus upgraded swaybars, back spoiler with built-in brake light standard about both wagons plus sedans, limited slip differential standard with a lower ratio for improved acceleration, adjustable see-through sports front plus back headrests, Sports front bucket seats with side bolsters, oil stress plus power voltage gauges, Charcoal leather-wrapped steering wheel, low oil stress plus washer fluid low caution lights, double horn note.

The XR6 had the same four.0-litre SOHC inline 6-cylinder because the base models however with Tickford alloy cylinder heads, a Tickford spec cam together with high stress valve springs plus distinctive EEC programming with result in the nearly all of the changes created with the engine. A press bent 2.5-inch exhaust was furthermore added, a minor upgrade over the standard 2.25-inch program. The XR6 provides 164 kW @ 5000 rpm up from 161 kW inside the ED Falcon. The XR8 has a 5.0-litre OHV V8 delivering 170 kW @ 4500 rpm up within the 165 kW inside the ED Falcon. LPG wasn't available because a factory way found on the XR6 plus XR8 models.

An automatic transmission is a kind of engine car transmission which may automatically change gear ratios because the car moves, freeing the driver from needing to shift gears manually. Most automatic transmissions have a defined set of gear ranges, frequently with a parking pawl feature which locks the output shaft of the transmission stroke face with keep the car from rolling either forward or backward.

Similar yet heavier equipment are furthermore utilized for heavy-duty commercial plus commercial cars plus equipment. Many machines with limited speed ranges or fixed engine speeds, including several forklifts plus garden mowers, just utilize a torque converter with give a varying gearing of the engine with the wheels.

Besides conventional automatic transmissions, there are additionally alternative kinds of automated transmissions, including a continuously varying transmission plus semi-automatic transmissions, which free the driver from needing to shift gears manually, by utilizing the transmission s computer with change gear, when for illustration the driver were redlining the engine. Despite superficial similarity with additional transmissions, automatic transmissions vary greatly inside internal procedure plus driver s feel from semi-automatics plus CVTs. A traditional automatic transmission utilizes a torque converter rather of the straight friction clutch with manage the connection involving the transmission gearing as well as the engine. On the other hand, a CVT utilizes a belt or different torque transmission scheme with enable an "infinite" quantity of gear ratios rather of the fixed quantity of gear ratios. A semi-automatic retains a clutch like a guide transmission, yet controls the clutch by electrohydraulic signifies.

A traditional guide transmission is frequently the base equipment inside a vehicle, with all the way being an automated transmission like a traditional automatic, semi-automatic, or CVT. The ability with shift gears manually, frequently through paddle shifters, could furthermore be found about certain automated transmissions, semi-automatics, plus CVTs.

The automatic transmission was invented inside 1921 by Alfred Horner Munro of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, plus patented beneath Canadian patent CA 235757 inside 1923.. Being a steam engineer, Munro crafted his device with employ compressed air instead of hydraulic fluid, so it lacked force plus not found commercial application. The initial automatic transmission utilizing hydraulic fluid could have been developed inside 1932 by 2 Brazilian technicians, Jos Braz Araripe plus Fernando Lehly Lemos; subsequently the prototype plus plans were available off with General Motors whom introduced it inside the 1940 Oldsmobile because the "Hydra-Matic" transmission. They were included into GM-built tanks throughout World War II plus, following the war, GM advertised them to be "battle-tested." But, the Wall Street Journal post credits ZF Friedrichshafen with all the innovation, occurring after World War II. ZF s origins were inside production gears for airship motors beginning inside 1915; the firm was founded by Ferdinand von Zeppelin.

Luxury models inside the EF Falcon range were not branded because Falcon; they were branded either a Ford Fairmont or Ford Fairmont Ghia. The Fairmont was based found on the Futura plus had all highlights of the Futura however, added a trip computer, climate control because standard, adjustable steering wheel, Remote Boot Release, Remote Keyless Entry, central locking plus 15" alloy wheels. The Fairmont Ghia added a 9-speaker sound program, boot installed 6 CD stacker, subwoofer plus Ghia badging. Both the Fairmont plus Fairmont Ghia models had chrome accents, differently crafted headlights, bonnets plus front bar, plus were truly the only model inside the EF Falcon range with have a grille. 4-speed automatic transmission was standard over the Fairmont lineup plus had the possibility of the four.0-litre SOHC inline 6-cylinder or perhaps a 5.0-litre OHV V8. The 6 cylinder Ghia variation received the engine from the XR6. The difference inside force output is attributed with the quieter exhaust program fitted with the Ghia instead of the high flowing program of the XR.

Whenever the Series II EF Falcon was introduced 2 specialized editions were prepared accessible. A Classic choice pack was available about GLi plus Futura sedans plus wagons from November 1995 with March 1996 plus an Olympic Classic pack was available found on the same models from May 1996 with August 1996.

The Series II was introduced inside 1995 adding over 1000 modern attributes plus eliminated the XR6 wagon within the range. A brand-new front suspension was introduced due with criticism it was with "nervous" whenever handling, another main improvement was the standardisation of the passenger airbag. Series II EF Falcons are identifiable by revised hub caps found on the GLi model, revised body side rub strips found on the Futura, plus black B-pillars found on the Fairmont Ghia. All EF II Falcons feature a wide-angle convex passenger side door mirror.

The Ford Fairlane plus LTD are full-size deluxe cars that have been yielded inside a series of models by Ford Australia between 1959 plus 2007.

From 1959 with 1964, the Fairlane had been a nearby assembled variation of the American Ford Fairlane that had taken its name from Henry Ford s property, Fair Lane, close Dearborn, Michigan. This was Ford Australia s top of the range model till changed by an Australian-assembled variation of the full-size American Ford Galaxie. In 1967 Ford Australia reintroduced the Fairlane, this time because an Australian-developed, deluxe, long-wheelbase adaptation of its mainstream Falcon, placed between your Falcon as well as the Galaxie. The nearby assembled Galaxie evolved into the LTD that was itself changed inside 1973 by an Australian developed, Fairlane-based model, sometimes known because the Ford LTD. In North America, unlike its designation inside Australia, it wasn't considered a deluxe car. In Australia, "LTD" initially stood for "Lincoln Type Design", though Ford Australia later promoted a connection with all the meaning "Limited".

The Fairlane plus LTD competed on the market with all the Holden Brougham, the Statesman plus later with all the Holden Statesman plus Caprice.

The Fairlane plus LTD received a main front & back re-style inside March 1995, coinciding with all the EF Falcon, plus stayed found on the same platform. The brand-new NF Fairlanes plus DF LTDs were longer plus curvier, hiding their 1980s origins reasonably perfectly. The outdoor shape was more ornamental compared with the reasonably clean NAs with NCs. The Fairlane Sportsman reappeared for 1996, with all the same formula because 1993, with all the four.0-litre six.
In September 1996, the revised NL Fairlanes plus DL LTDs appeared. In 1997, Ford introduced a high Fairlane Concorde trim, with all the same four.0-litre plus 5.0-litre engine options. No Sportsman variant of the Fairlane was available.

For shoppers, five Dealer modified NL Series Fairlanes from Sydney plus Melbourne used components within the 5.0-litre Mustang Cobra plus Australian delivered SVO components due with the limited edition run of the Fairlane by Tickford plus clients wanting with keep the Luxury look yet sport the GT s performance.

Ford extended the Fairlane range greatly inside 1998. Starting with all the Ghia, there was clearly furthermore a simple Concorde plus Concorde Ghia. A Tickford-modified variation was moreover accessible, with all the heavier engine, and a luxurious Fairlane Special Edition Ghia.

The NL/DL series were the last models with come loaded with automatic self-leveling back suspension.
SVO. Was established inside Australia by Australian engine racing driver plus engineer Mick Webb inside the late 1980s. Dick Johnson had furthermore employed the SVO nameplate, initially about a prototype Turbo XF Falcon. Webb plus Johnson both said ownership of the acronym, though it was Webb who initially registered its use. Mick Webb & SVO continue to be improving plus changing Ford items now. He owns plus operates a factory inside Victoria.
SVO initial road vehicle was based the then new Ford Falcon EA, beginning with a "S Pac" or "Fairmont Ghia" trim leavels. SVO added customised ROH 16" wheels, Recaro seats, MoMo steering wheels, suspension updates including Bilstein shock absorbers, engine modifications, spoilers plus 2 tone gray paint function. SVO had hoped which these vehicles might cause a relationship with Ford Australia because an factory supported performance arm, nevertheless, at this Ford were not investing inside performance or racing. The relationship didn t evolve any further, however chosen Ford dealers available the SVO product.

SVO initially yielded 1600 Falcon Sedans, 1100 Ute s, 600 Fairlane s plus 280 Capri s.
The anti-lock brake controller is sometimes known because the CAB.

On-board diagnostics is an automotive expression referring with a car s self-diagnostic plus reporting capability. OBD systems provide the car owner or repair technician access with the status of the different car sub-systems. The amount of diagnostic info accessible through OBD has varied generally because its introduction inside the early 1980s versions of on-board car computers. Early versions of OBD might just illuminate a malfunction signal light or "idiot light" when a condition was recognized yet wouldn't supply any info because with the nature of the condition. Modern OBD implementations employ a standardized digital communications port with offer real-time information and standardized series of diagnostic trouble codes, or DTCs, that enable 1 with quickly identify plus treatment malfunctions in the vehicle

OBD-II is an improvement over OBD-I inside both capability plus standardization. The OBD-II standard specifies the kind of diagnostic connector as well as its pinout, the electric signalling protocols accessible, as well as the messaging formatting. It also delivers a prospect list of car parameters with monitor together with how with encode the information for every. There is a pin inside the connector which offers energy for the scan tool within the car power, that eliminates the requirement with connect a scan tool with a energy source individually. However, several technicians may nevertheless connect the scan tool with an auxiliary force source with safeguard information inside the unusual event a car experiences a reduction of power due with a malfunction. Finally, the OBD-II standard delivers an extensible list of DTCs. As a happen of the standardization, a single device will question the on-board computer in almost any car. This OBD-II came inside 2 models OBD-IIA plus OBD-IIB. OBD-II standardization was motivated by emissions needs, plus though just emission-related codes plus information are necessary with be sent by it, many producers have created the OBD-II Data Link Connector truly the only 1 inside the car from that all systems are diagnosed plus programmed. OBD-II Diagnostic Trouble Codes are 4-digit, preceded with a letter: P for engine plus transmission, B for body, C for chassis, plus U for network.

The Ford EL Falcon is a full-size vehicle which was produced by the Ford Motor Company of Australia between 1996 plus 1998. The EL Falcon served because the final section of the fifth generation "E-series" architecture, that started with all the EA of 1988. Ford discontinued the auto inside 1998, plus changed it with all the AU. In its life, the EL was the most common Falcons produced; Ford available more ELs over 2 years, than it did AUs over 4 years.

Ford invested A million for the development of the EL. At release, it was truly the only Australian-built auto built with a driver s air bag standard over the board, with a passenger airbag accessible because an additional expense way. Also like its predecessors, the EL Falcon was commonly favoured by Australian authorities plus taxi providers.
The EL served because a facelift of its predecessor, the EF Falcon, that started creation inside 1994. The "E-series" architecture could trace its origins back with 1988 with all the EA. Ford introduced a amount of improvements aimed at extending the existence of the "E-series" body whilst the AU Falcon was being developed, that lead to the greatest ever yearly sales of the Falcon.
An ignition coil is an induction coil inside an vehicle s ignition program that changes the power s low voltage with the thousands of volts required with create an electrical spark inside the spark plugs with ignite the gas. Many coils have an internal resistor whilst others depend about a resistor cable or an exterior resistor with limit the present flowing into the coil within the auto s 12-volt provide. The cable which goes within the ignition coil with the distributor as well as the excellent voltage wiring which go within the distributor with every of the spark plugs are called spark connect wiring or excellent tension leads.

Originally, each ignition coil program necessary mechanical contact breaker points, along with a capacitor. More latest electronic ignition systems utilize a force transistor with offer pulses with the ignition coil. A contemporary passenger car can utilize 1 ignition coil for every engine cylinder, eliminating fault-prone spark connect cabling along with a distributor with route the significant voltage pulses.

Ignition systems are not needed for diesel motors that depend about compression with ignite the fuel/air mixture.
An ignition coil consists of the laminated iron core encircled by 2 coils of copper cable. Unlike a force transformer, an ignition coil has an open magnetic circuit - the iron core refuses to shape a closed loop about the windings. The power which is stored inside the magnetic field of the core is the vitality which is moved with the spark connect.

The main winding has fairly limited turns of thick cable. The secondary winding consists of thousands of turns of small cable, insulated for the significant voltage by enamel found on the cables plus levels of oiled paper insulation. The coil is commonly inserted into a metal may or plastic case with insulated terminals for the excellent voltage plus low voltage connections. Whenever the contact breaker closes, it enables a active within the power with build up inside the main winding of the ignition coil. The active refuses to flow quickly as a result of the inductance of the coil. Current flowing inside the coil produces a magnetic field inside the core plus inside the air surrounding the core. The active should flow lengthy enough with shop enough stamina inside the field for the spark. When the active has accumulated with its full level, the contact breaker opens. Because it has a capacitor associated over it, the main winding as well as the capacitor shape a tuned circuit, plus because the stored vitality oscillates amongst the inductor created by the coil as well as the capacitor, the changing magnetic field inside the core of the coil induces a much bigger voltage inside the secondary of the coil. More contemporary electronic ignition systems work about the same principle, yet certain depend about charging the capacitor with about 400 volts instead of charging the inductance of the coil. The timing of the starting of the contacts should be paired with the position of the piston inside the cylinder. The spark should happen following the air/fuel mixture is compressed. The contacts are driven off a shaft which is driven by the engine crankshaft, or, when electronic ignition is chosen, a sensor found on the engine shaft controls the timing of the pulses.

The amount of power inside the spark needed with ignite the air-fuel mixture varies depending found on the stress plus composition of the mixture, plus found on the speed of the engine. Under laboratory conditions because small because 1 millijoule is needed inside every spark, however useful coils should deliver more stamina than this with permit for high stress, wealthy or lean mixtures, losses inside ignition wiring, plus connect fouling plus leakage. Whenever fuel velocity is excellent inside the spark gap, the arc involving the terminals is blown away within the terminals, creating the arc longer plus requiring more vitality inside every spark. Between 20 plus 70 millijoules are delivered inside every spark.
The EL brought with it improvements with braking plus handling. Speed-sensitive energy steering found on the Fairmont Ghia created parking more simple, without compromising high-speed steering. With the introduction of the modern model, customers may today buy the Falcon with standard anti-lock brakes featuring the newest Bosch 5.3 component. Perhaps the largest advancement with all the EL was the improvements with the handling woes of the EF, with improvements established with the suspension plus steering. Engineers at Tickford had noticed which by reducing the pivot point of the Watt s linkages inside the back suspension by 20 millimetres, which the roll oversteer impact that plagued the EF may finally be eliminated. Previously about EF models, throughout difficult cornering the back end of the vehicle frequently felt because when it couldn't maintain with all the front, due with the difference inside roll rate between your front plus back suspension. The result of the yielded unpredictable auto handling sometimes, where the delayed fat transfer at the back might find with damage the integrity of the outside back tyre grasp. This was exaggerated even further inside wet weather or about cars fitted with bad tyres. Although this condition was addressed with a degree inside the EFII update, it was the EL which became the initial base level Falcon with feature a back suspension setup which might complement the precision of rack plus pinion steering introduced inside the EA Falcon 8 years earlier. The improved suspension geometry permitted Ford with soften the spring rates about both front plus back found on the EL for a more compliant ride, because the driver no longer had roll oversteer with contain.
The GLi was the many standard model Falcon, marketing perfectly with fleets. Its qualities list was identical to this of the past model, that included Ford s straight-six engine, with an alternative of upgrading with the Windsor V8. The somewhat more equipped Futura qualities ABS brakes, front energy windows, cruise control along with a amount of deluxe qualities, like back seat headrests plus an increased sound program. To distinguish it within the GLi, body-coloured components changed the black plastic sort. Regardless of the model selected, an optional double gas tank can be fitted with run about both autogas plus petrol, with all the transmission limited with the four-speed automatic.
Ford introduced the Sapphire after Holden debuted the VT Commodore inside 1997, inside a call with result in the EL more competitive. The name was reused within the Ford Sierra Sapphire sedan available inside Europe plus New Zealand. It became a limited edition model plus had 2 variants based about either the GLi or the Futura, fitted with more qualities, but the list differed depending found on the base model selected. All Sapphires had 15-inch alloy wheels plus metallic paint because standard. Other responses with the VT Commodore were the Classic plus Falcon S models. Similarly with the Sapphire, they too were limited edition variants based about either the GLi or Futura. Standard for the Falcon S included a six-stack CD player, air conditioner, plus alloy wheels that were identical to people fitted with the XR6 plus XR8 models of the earlier ED Falcon range. Later, in March 1998, before the release of the AU Falcon, a Sapphire II was introduced.

A trip computer is an onboard computer device fitted with vehicles that will commonly record distance travelled, average speed, average gas usage, plus display real time gas expenditure info. This computer is found inside numerous cars.

The initial mechanical trip computers including the Halda Speedpilot, yielded with a Swedish taximeter maker, were prepared inside the 1950s because a auto accessory with help the driver with keep the provided time schedule, especially valuable inside rallying. One was installed because standard inside the 1958 Saab GT750. The 1952 Fiat 1900 came standard with a complex mechanical device, called mediometro inside Italian, which showed the average speed. In 1978, General Motors Cadillac division introduced the "Cadillac Trip Computer" accessible found on the Cadillac Seville. Electronic ones were fitted inside General Motors goods, plus continue to be commonly reserved for more upscale vehicles, though certain lower-end models are fitted with them frequently because a choice. They can vary from standard with complex. The many simple types of the trip computer include average gas mileage plus maybe an outside temperature show. Middle-of-the-road versions usually usually incorporate trip info into a bundle plus include info about gas, speed, distance, cardinal heading, plus elapsed time. The many advanced trip computers are reserved for high-end vehicles plus usually feature average calculations for 2 motorists, a stop observe, tire stress info, an over-speed caution tone, and a multitude of additional attributes.

Occasionally the trip computer show is included into the gauge cluster, into the dashboard or navigation program screen, or inside an overhead system. Many cars might convey upkeep info with the driver with inform them of scheduled repair. The present Acura TL does this inside stages, initially alerting the driver with a Due Soon content. When the programmed mileage is reached, it informs Due Then . If the car is driven past a certain point, the content may change with Past Due . Mercedes-Benz cars regularly monitor the standard of the oil plus alert the driver of the requirement of the change whenever the oil degrades with a certain extent.

Many trip computers could display the diagnostic codes mechanics utilize. This really is specifically worthwhile whenever the technician would like to see what the codes are whilst driving the auto. In 2004 Linear Logic developed the ScanGauge that at the time was truly the only conveniently installed accessory which functions because a trip computer, 4 simultaneous digital gauges, along with a diagnostic trouble code reader. This device has accessible 12 different measurements that is employed because the 4 digital gauges. The units of measure is independently chosen between miles/km, gallons/liters, Celsius/Fahrenheit, plus PSI/kPa.

Along with all the base plus sports models, Ford additionally advertised 2 luxury-oriented variants. The initial of the 2, well-known as the Fairmont employed the same six-cylinder engine because the Futura plus GLi. Building found on the equipment amount of the Futura, the Fairmont gained, automatic climate control air conditioner, trip computer, force back windows, oil stress plus power level gauges, front plus back illuminated footwells, electrical aerial plus full velour interior. Exterior wise, a more prominent chrome front grille, a bigger bonnet bulge, plus differently shaped headlamps recognized the Fairmont from additional EL models, because did 15-inch, 12-spoke alloy wheels. The Fairmont was furthermore fitted with chrome insert side body mouldings plus carried over the tail light lenses within the past EF model.

The Fairmont Ghia available a mixture of deluxe plus performance, that was emphasised many effectively by using the six-cylinder engine fitted with the XR6, with all the V8 remaining optional. Due with the implementation of the quieter exhaust, the Ghia suffered from a slight reduction inside output compared with the XR6. Limited slip differential offered greater handling than the Fairmont, because did improved varying ratio energy steering. Equipment smart, the Fairmont Ghia gained a more effective, nine-speaker stereo program, a passenger airbag, wider 5-millimetre side glass for greater sound intake, wood-grain trim, chrome door handles plus accents and a leather-wrapped steering wheel, handbrake handle plus leather upholstery. Externally, with distinguish the Fairmont within the Fairmont Ghia, the centre bar of the chrome front grille was colour-coded with the outdoor paint, plus 15-inch eight-spoke alloy wheels were fitted.

Ford Falcon EF EL and Fairlane DF DL and LTD Ellery Service and Repair Manual 1994,1995,1996,1997,1998

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