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Holden Commodore VT VX VY VZ repair manual 1997 - 2007 - Ellery - NEW

The Holden Commodore is an vehicle produced because 1978 by the Holden subsidiary of General Motors inside Australia, plus, formerly, inside New Zealand. In the mid-1970s, Holden established proposals with substitute the long-serving Kingswood nameplate with a small, Opel-based model. Opel continued with offer the basis for future decades till the release of the 4th generation inside 2006, that deployed an Australian developed platform.

Initially introduced because a single sedan body fashion, the range extended inside 1979 with include a station wagon. From 1984, Holden started branding the flagship Commodore model because Holden Calais; the mid-range Holden Berlina followed inside 1988. Long-wheelbase Statesman/Caprice derivatives plus Commodore utility body variants followed inside 1990. Starting from 2000, the utility became acknowledged officially because the Holden Ute. The foundations for a revived Monaro coup, four-door Holden Crewman utility, plus all-wheel drive Adventra crossover were offered by the today discontinued 3rd generation architecture.

Rivalry has come predominantly within the Ford Falcon---also nearby built. Before the 1988 onwards next generation Commodore, the Holden was placed the full class under the full-size Falcon. To a lower degree, competition has moreover come from Toyota, plus earlier Mitsubishi Motors, with their mid-size vehicles. Between 1989 plus 1997, Toyota retailed a Toyota Lexcen variation of the 2nd generation Commodore. With the introduction of generation 3 inside 1997, Holden broadened the Commodore s export plans. Because the late 1990s, Commodores have been transferred abroad because the Chevrolet Lumina inside the Middle East till 2011 plus South Africa till 2012, plus because the Chevrolet Omega inside Brazil till 2008, then again inside 2010. Vauxhall VXR8 sales started inside 2007. Versions have furthermore been earlier exported inside the mid-1990s with Southeast Asia because the Opel Calais, plus with North America from 2007 with 2009 because the Pontiac G8. As of June 2014, the newest Commodore, the VF, is available inside North America because the Chevrolet SS.
The V platform is a rear-wheel drive vehicle platform which underpinned numerous General Motors cars from 1966 from with its final discontinuation inside 2007. The V platform was developed inside the 1960s by the German subsidiary of GM, Opel, yet, it wasn't without immense revision over its lifetime. The platform s phase-out started whenever European manufacturing ended throughout 2003, when the Australian variants, yielded by Holden continued till 2007, following their final substitution by Zeta-derived models. The initial of these Zeta vehicles came inside 2006, with all the remaining changing over inside 2007. V-cars are diagnosed by the "V" 4th character inside their Car Identification Number. Although completely unrelated, the "V platform" designation was equally utilized for a series of North American front-wheel drive individual deluxe coupes).
The Holden VT Commodore, Berlina, plus Calais are the tenth iteration of the Holden Commodore, a full-size vehicle built by Holden, the Australian subsidiary of General Motors. Released inside 1997, the VT was up-to-date because a element of the VT II revision inside 1999, before being changed by the VX model inside 2000. In 1998, the VT created the basis of the prototype which became the catalyst for the re-introduction inside 2001 of the Holden Monaro coup---a nameplate about hiatus because 1977.

The VT series was granted the 1997 Wheels Car of the Year, causing the 4th time which this honor was earned by the Commodore. It found willing approval inside the marketplace because numerous customers steered away within the Ford AU Falcon, becoming the greatest marketing Commodore with date plus cementing its area because first inside Australian sales.
The VT project was the result of a A0 million development system which spanned over half a decade. The new model sported a rounded outdoor body shell, improved dynamics, plus several firsts for an Australian-built vehicle. A stronger body structure, 20 % stiffer than the VS improved crash protection.

As with past Commodore models, Holden looked with Opel inside Germany for a donor automobile. The VT series was extracted within the Omega B by broadening which car s width plus adapting the mechanical setup for Australian conditions.

The alternative with the above mentioned, might have been with follow the Omega because is, conserve for the machines plus transmissions or only reskinning the existing 2nd generation architecture.

In 1999, the VT wagon platform served because the basis for the next generation Statesman plus Caprice deluxe vehicles. This 3rd generation Commodore equally created the basis for the resurrection of the iconic Monaro coup within the 1960s plus 1970s. Presented because the "Holden Coup" concept vehicle at the 1998 Australian International Motor Show held inside Sydney. Overwhelming public interest lead to the coup finally achieving manufacturing inside 2001 because the Monaro albeit based found on the VX series.
The 4L60-E is a series of automatic transmissions from General Motors. Designed for longitudinal engine designs, the series involves 4 forward gears. It is an development of the Turbo-Hydramatic 700R4, initially yielded inside 1982.

The 4L60-E plus 4L65-E are built at Toledo Transmission inside Toledo, Ohio plus have additionally been built at Romulus Transmission inside Romulus, Michigan plus Ramos Arizpe, Mexico.

The 2 transmissions are differentiated primarily by the quantity of pinion gears inside their planetary gearsets: The 4L60-E has 4, whilst the heavy-duty 4L65-E has five. Other ingredients of the 4L60-E shape were strengthened whenever the 4L65-E was introduced, however, these were included into the 4L60-E inside 2002
The VT heralded the fitment of semi-trailing arm independent back suspension because standard over the range. But, whenever initially carried over, the European shape was simplified with all the treatment of the toe control link, standard equipment found on the six-cylinder Omega because 1987. This authorized distortions with the suspension camber angle plus toe beneath thick weight, commonly occurring throughout thick towing or whenever going over undulated surfaces, leading with excessive back tyre wear. Holden s performance arm HSV re-added the toe control link found on the flagship GTS 300 model, based found on the Series II update. The supercharged V6 was uprated with 171 kilowatts within the past VS model. For the Series I, the supercharged engine was optional found on the S, SS, plus Calais trims. The supercharged V6 supply was revised for the Series II. No longer accessible found on the SS, it became optional found on the Berlina plus standard fitment of the Calais, though the naturally aspirated variation might be specified because a "delete option". Safety smart, side airbags with torso plus head security became an alternative for the Acclaim plus high models inside 1998, a initially for Holden because were more advanced electronics from release like optional traction control plus key-based memory settings for Calais.

Commodore Executive V6 guide from A,760 sedan plus A,600 wagon, with optional automatic, plus V8
Commodore Acclaim V6 automatic from A,980 sedan plus A,960 wagon
Commodore S V6 guide from A,810 sedan just, with all the choice of the V6 Supercharged automatic
Commodore SS V8 guide from A,160 sedan just, with optional automatic or V6 Supercharged automatic
Berlina V6 automatic from A,800 sedan plus A,600 wagon, with optional V8 automatic
Calais V6 automatic from A,760 sedan just, with optional V8 automatic or V6 Supercharged automatic.

In terms of main qualities plus options:

Standard over the range - IRS, driver s airbag, seatbelt pre-tensioners, electrical seat height plus tilt adjuster, trip computer
Passenger airbag accessible over the range standard to be optional found on the Executive plus S for A0
ABS standard about all models except accessible because an optional package about Executive
Traction Control standard about Acclaim plus Calais nevertheless optional found on the rest of the range for A0
Automatic transmission optional about all models except Acclaim, Berlina plus Calais
Power steering standard over the range, with Calais featuring a speed sensitive version
Air conditioning optional about Executive plus Acclaim yet standard about S plus SS, with climate control about Berlina plus Calais
Alloy wheels optional about Executive plus Acclaim yet optional about all different models
Full force electrical windows plus metallic paint standard about Berlina plus Calais however, optional about all additional models
Cruise control standard about all automatic models except to be optional about Executive
Fabric seat trim about all models except for velour about Berlina plus Calais, with leather trim optional found on the latter
A double-DIN 6-speaker 30W sound program with cassette player over the range except for Calais featuring 8-speakers, plus CD players optional about all models except being standard about Berlina plus Calais moreover featuring a force antenna with height memory
For Calais-only - automatic light sensing headlights, personalised key program, driven driver s seat
For Calais, S plus SS a leather wrapped steering wheel optional about all different models
For S plus SS models, a back wing spoiler plus FE2 sport suspension optional about all different models
For SS-only, sports seats along with a standard limited slip differential optional about all different models
Sunroof optional about all models.
The Holden Commodore, Berlina plus Calais, and Ute range of full-size vehicles were the eleventh instalment of Holden Commodore, a model produced by Holden, the Australian subsidiary of General Motors. Produced between October 2000 plus September 2002, the VX served because minor update with the VT series from 1997 plus premiered revised styling, better model differentiation, together with gains inside crash protection. An intermediate Series II was introduced inside August 2001, featuring a revised suspension program amidst alternative changes.
Safety played a significant part inside the development of the VX model. Bosch adaptation 5.3 anti-lock brakes were created standard about all variants, a initially for an Australian manufactured car; plus traction control was produced accessible about cars built with manual transmission. Extensive analysis was performed with decrease the effects from a side-impact collision from modification of the B-pillars. The risk presented with a side-impact collision inside a VX fitted without side airbags is reduced by 50 % compared to a similarly specified VT model.
The VX series introduced further mechanical updates with the 3.8-litre Ecotec V6 engine, that received changes with the engine administration computer with bring energy as much as 152 kilowatts. Fuel economy was moreover improved over the past model by 3 with 4 %. The optional Supercharged Ecotec V6 extended its service with the Executive plus Acclaim variants, with all the 171-kilowatt output figure remaining unchanged within the VT. Also as the supercharged six-cylinder, an more effective 5.7-litre Chevrolet-sourced Gen III V8 engine was available. The powerplant received energy increases from 220 with 225 kilowatts.

A modified front suspension setup received lower control arm pivot points. The Series II update showcased the addition of the brand-new back cross associate, revised back control arm assemblies with unique design bushing plus toe-control hyperlinks with the semi-trailing arm back suspension with greater keep the toe settings throughout suspension movements, causing more predictable auto handling, noticeably over uneven surfaces, plus improved tyre wear.
The L67 is the supercharged adaptation of the 3800 Series II L36 plus appeared inside 1996, 1 year following the usually aspirated adaptation. It utilizes the Eaton Generation III M90 supercharger with a 3.8" pulley, a heavier throttle body, gas injectors, cylinder heads, plus lower consumption manifold than the L36 utilizes. Both machines share the same engine blocks, nevertheless compression is reduced from 9.4:1 inside the L36 with 8.5:1 for the L67. GM indexed the engine output because 240 hp plus 280 lb ft of torque, though among the stock machines were really dyno-tested at 304 hp. Despite being an all iron engine, it happens to be amazingly light weighing just 392 lb. Final drive ratios are reduced inside many applications, for greater gas economy plus more utilize of the engine s torque inside the low range. Like many 3800 V6s, the engine is popular for the security plus low upkeep bills. The engine is a favored choice for aftermarket modification because of its extremely sturdy internals plus impressive energy gains from standard upgrades. The engine was integrated Flint, Michigan plus was qualified LEV inside 2001.
The entry-level Executive became a prevalent choice among fleet customers, plus available standard attributes including anti-lock brakes, a driver s air bag, trip computer, plus central locking. Along with all different variants, steering wheel sound controls, a CD player, plus an electrically retracting force antenna were today standard. The naturally aspirated 3.8-litre Ecotec V6 came standard found on the Executive, with all the way of the Supercharged Ecotec V6 or Gen III V8 engine. V6 machines were combined with a five-speed guide transmission, plus V8s came with a six-speed guide. A four-speed automatic transmission was accessible because an optional additional, irrespective of the engine choice.
Commodore Acclaim

The 2nd tier Acclaim was advertised because a family-oriented variation of the VX range, with a sturdy focus about protection. Building found on the equipment degrees of the Executive, the Acclaim furthermore showcased 4 airbags, cruise control, traction control, air conditioner plus energy windows. A four-speed automatic transmission was truly the only transmission accessible, though customers did have the chance with choose the Supercharged Ecotec V6 engine.
The flagship Calais shares the prestige fashion exterior with all the Berlina, yet is distinguishable by its 16-inch alloy wheels plus chrome outlined foglamps. An eight-speaker sound program, with a 10 stack CD player plus supercharged V6 engine were moreover standard. The Calais presented the same optional qualities because the Berlina, however, enabled for the inclusion of leather upholstery. With the Berlina, the centre system was completed with either the black or beige plastic panel depending found on the inside color scheme, yet the Calais upped the ante with a lumber grain-faced system, or perhaps a satin-finished faade for Series II variants.
Before the VU, Holden had advertised their Commodore-based utility models below the Holden Utility plus Holden Commodore utility names, though the expression "Holden Ute" was equally employed inside their official advertising literature. The VU Ute s successor was assigned the same model code because the sedan it really is based about.

The VU changed the VS Utility. The VU s arrival was 36 months following the VT Commodore sedan, meaning it arrived inside time for the release of the VX Commodore. The VU utilises the same wheelbase because the VT Commodore station wagon plus WH Statesman/Caprice, meaning a wheelbase heighten of 116 mm. The Ute uses the same interior because the Commodore, when additionally selecting up the VX s upgraded equipment lists plus re-styled outdoor shape.

Base : Built up within the Commodore Executive s specification. Available with 3.8-litre 152 kW Ecotec V6 - 4sp car, 5sp guide or 5.7-litre 225 kW Generation 3 V8 - 6sp guide or 4sp auto
S : Based about Commodore S specification. Available with 3.8-litre 152 kW Ecotec V6 - 4sp car, 5sp manual speed.
SS : Based about Commodore SS specification, minus side-impact airbags. Available with a 5.7-litre 225 kW Generation 3 V8 - 6sp guide or 4sp auto

The range received a minor refresh with all the VX Series 2 models 12 months later, with all the main upgrade being an extra 5 kW with Holden s Generation 3 V8 s.

The VU was superseded by the VY ute inside September 2002.
Special editions

In October 2001 a specialized edition "SS Fifty" model was introduced with mark the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the initial "Holden Ute", the Holden 50-2106 Coupe Utility. This model was limited with 500 units plus were tailored with become a collector s item; each SS 50 was identical inside terms of color schemes, all 500 units were introduced with a black outdoor along with a partial leather interior which contained a great amount of "hyper yellow" accents.

Other goods which created the SS 50 different were the chrome sports bar found on the back, special black-and-yellow engine cover, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, handbrake cover plus gear knob and a color-coded instrument cluster with match the leather bolsters found on the sports seats.
The Holden Commodore, Berlina, Calais, plus Ute are a series of cars yielded by Holden inside Australia between September 2002 plus August 2004. The VY Commodore, that was the twelfth Holden Commodore series, was the successor with the VX Commodore. A VY Series II was introduced inside August 2003 plus which produced method for the up-to-date VZ Commodore range inside August 2004.

The VY Commodore was obtainable in many models. These are the Commodore Executive, Acclaim, S, SV8 plus SS as well as the Berlina plus Calais models that were not badged because Commodores. All the models inside the VY range were available because sedans as well as the Executive, Acclaim plus Berlina were moreover accessible because wagons. Unusually, the VY equally introduced a limited edition SS wagon featuring the same 235 kW for Series II) V8, bodykit plus sports suspension because the SS sedan. But, it was built with 17-inch alloy wheels because opposed with the 18 inch wheels found on the sedan. 500 these wagons were yielded for Series I plus 350 for Series II.

The VY was the last Commodore with employ the 3.8 litre ECOTEC V6 motors.

Sales of the VY Commodore failed with match those of the earlier VT model.
The front plus back of the body had minor restyling, with hot front grille, headlights plus taillights. The interior has been greatly upgraded. Interior upgrade involves a modern instrument panel, centre system plus steering wheel plus fresh shape transmission lever plus handbrake. There is equally a unique mobile telephone energy outlet beneath the centre system. The unique instrument cluster qualities a big multi-function digital show, that shows info like radio station show, PRND321 gear chosen signal, trip computer with stopwatch function, service reminders along with a aid center.

Standard qualities today include "twilight sentinel" - automatic headlamp control, programmable headlamps off time delay, significant feature Blaupunkt sound systems, road-speed sensitive intermittent wipers plus passenger airbags.

The VY Series II update added cruise control, front force windows varying front seat lumbar help, plus revised inside trims. A 245 kW V8 was introduced with sports variants along with a sportier repositioning of the Calais model. This repositioning included a subtle body kit, the possibility of the 235 kW V8 inside destination of the past 225 kW along with a firmer suspension tune which was less stiff because the FE2 suspension about sports variants.
When introduced inside the 1997 Corvette the LS1 was rated at 345 hp at 5,600 rpm plus 350 lbf ft at 4,400 rpm. After improvements with the consumption plus exhaust manifolds inside 2001 the rating improved with 350 hp plus 365 lbf ft. The LS1 was chosen inside the Corvette from 97-04. It was additionally employed inside 98-02 GM F-Body vehicles with a rating of 305--325+ HP, that was rumored with be traditional. The additional horsepower was reported with come within the consumption ram-air impact obtainable in the SS plus WS6 models. In Australia, continuous modifications were produced with the LS1 engine throughout its life, achieving 382 bhp inside the HSV s YII series, along with a Callaway modified adaptation called "C4B" was fitted with HSV GTS models producing 402 bhp. Known with hold about 5000HP about stock internals, more than a 2JZ machines.
The Holden Adventra is a crossover SUV produced between 2003 with 2004/2005. The Adventra is based found on the VY II Commodore station wagon, however, attributes an all-wheel drive configuration because opposed with a rear-wheel drive running gear. Available inside 2 equipment levels---CX8 plus LX8---with a standardised driveline consisting of the single powertrain combination. That being, a 5.7 litre Generation III V8 engine rated at 235 kilowatts along with a four-speed automatic transmission.

Over the standard Commodore wagon, the Adventra adds a 60/40 split back tailgate, extra gauges compared with the 2,939 mm of the Ute; along with a less tray -- 1,463 mm compared with the 2,193 mm of the Ute In December 2003, Holden introduced an all-wheel drive variant of the Crewman well-known as the Crewman Cross 8. Powered with a 225 kW V8 engine, the Cross 8 showcased a modified appearance, more suited with an off-road car.

Both the Crewman plus One Tonner models added instant sales with the Holden range, sparking fast expansion of the Holden Ute range, its initially main development spurt because its 1990 re-introduction. When again the same 3 requirements were carried over for the VY, with all the Ute range obtainable in base Ute, S & SS types. The same didn't sign up for the One-Tonner cab-chassis range though -- it was obtainable in merely 2 model types, base plus S.

Base: Based about Commodore Executive specification. Available with 3.8-litre 152 kW Ecotec V6
S : Based about Commodore S specification. Available with 3.8-litre 152 kW Ecotec V6 -- 4sp car, 5sp manual
SS: Based about Commodore SS specification. 5.7-litre 235 kW Generation 3 V8 -- 6sp guide or 4sp auto

Crewman models were found on the alternative hand accessible with all the same 3 requirements because the Ute range, plus were established conjointly with all the rest of Holden s VY Series 2 range, the main update this time being the addition of 10 kW with the Gen.3 V8. By December 2003 the Crewman range had extended with include Holden s first AWD utility inside the shape of the Crewman Cross 8. The Cross 8 received bolstered wheelarches, raised ride height plus more equipment, with all the sole drivetrain being the newly upgraded Gen.3 V8 associated with a 4-speed automatic. V6-powered versions of the One Tonner & Crewman were just accessible with automatic transmission. The VY s were superseded by the arrival of the VZ range inside August 2004
Emergency brake support or Brake Assist is a generic expression for an vehicle braking development which increases braking stress inside an emergency condition. The initially application was developed jointly by Daimler-Benz plus TRW/LucasVarity. Research performed inside 1992 at the Mercedes-Benz driving simulator inside Berlin revealed which over 90% of motorists are not able to brake with enough force inside emergency cases.

By interpreting the speed plus force with that the brake pedal is forced, the program detects when the driver is struggling with execute an emergency stop, plus when the brake pedal is not completely used, the program overrides plus completely applies the brakes till the Anti-lock Braking System takes over with stop the wheels locking up.
Autonomous cruise control is an optional cruise control program for road cars which automatically changes the car speed with keep the secure distance from cars ahead. It makes no utilize of satellite or roadside infrastructures neither of any cooperative help from alternative cars. Hence control is imposed based about sensor info from on-board sensors just. The extension with cooperative cruise control demands either fixed infrastructure because with satellites, roadside beacons or mobile infrastructures because reflectors or transmitters found on the back of different cars ahead.

Such systems go below different trade names based on the maker. These systems utilize either a radar or laser sensor setup permitting the car with slow whenever approaching another car ahead plus accelerate again with the preset speed whenever traffic enables - illustration movie. ACC technologies is commonly considered a key component of any future decades of smart vehicles. The impact is equally about driver protection because about economising ability of roads by adjusting the distance between cars based on the conditions.
A traction control program, inside German well-known as Antriebsschlupfregelung, is usually a secondary function of the anti-lock braking program about manufacturing engine cars, tailored with avoid reduction of traction of driven road wheels. TCS is triggered whenever throttle input plus engine torque are mismatched with road surface conditions.

Intervention consists of 1 or even more of the following:

Brake force used with 1 or even more wheels
Reduction or suppression of spark sequence with 1 or even more cylinders
Reduction of gas provide with 1 or even more cylinders
Closing the throttle, when the car is fitted with drive by cable throttle
In turbocharged cars, the boost control solenoid is actuated with lessen boost plus consequently engine force.

Typically, traction control systems share the electrohydraulic brake actuator plus wheel speed sensors with ABS.

Holden Commodore VT VX VY VZSeries Ellery Service and Repair Manual 1997-2007 - 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006

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