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Mercedes Benz E Class Diesel W210 W211 Series 2000-2006 Workshop Manual Brooklands Books Ltd UK

The Mercedes-Benz W210 is a Mid-size deluxe auto that was yielded by the German automaker Mercedes-Benz from 1995 by 2002 carried over with the 2003 model year). They were available beneath the E-Class model names inside both sedan plus station wagon body kinds. In 1988, W210 development began 3 years following the W124 s introduction. The W210 E-class appearance, that was crafted by Steve Mattin below shape chief Bruno Sacco between 1989 plus 1991, heralded a brand unique shape idiom for the Mercedes face , that might continue till the W209 CLK. W210 shape function was frozen inside May 1992 plus developed for a show car by late 1992. Resultantly, this shape cue was previewed found on the 1993 Coup Concept shown at the Geneva Car Show inside March 1993. This idiom was the mainstream fashion chosen by Mercedes-Benz for a extended period, plus later appeared about alternative models including the CLK, C-class, CL, as well as the SL.Design patents for both the Coup Concept as well as the W210 E-Class were filed about 25 February 1993 inside Germany plus August 25, 1993 inside the US.

On July 21, 1998, shape patents were filed about an up-to-date W210. As a outcome, for the 2000 model year, a fresh multi-function info program was included into the instrument cluster under the speedometer, as well as the introduction of steering wheel controls for the audio/navigation/phone program. Additionally, the 5-speed automatic transmission introduced "Touch Shift," that chosen the +/- gate positions for semi-manual control of the gearbox. This electronic program changed the past gated shift arrangement plus simplified gear changes. Exterior changes included a revised front with a steeper rake, synonymous with the CLK, plus restyled bumpers plus lower body trim. The final W210 creation included the E320 plus E430 specialized editions introduced inside 2 outdoor hues - quartz silver, obsidian black, plus with Xenon lights, 17-inch alloy wheels plus black maple walnut trim.
The Mercedes-Benz M112 engine is a V6 vehicle piston engine family chosen inside the 2000s. Introduced inside 1998, it was the initially V6 engine ever built by Mercedes. A brief time later, the connected M113 V8 was introduced.

All are integrated Bad Cannstatt, Germany except the supercharged AMG E32 AMG, that is assembled inside Affalterbach, Germany.

All M112 machines have aluminum engine blocks with a 90 vee angle with silicon/aluminum lined cylinders. The aluminum SOHC cylinder heads have 3 valves per cylinder. All utilize SFI gas injection with 2 spark plugs per cylinder. All have forged steel connecting rods, a one-piece cast camshaft, iron-coated aluminum pistons along with a magnesium consumption manifold. To deal with all the vibration issues of the 90 degree V6, a balancer shaft was installed inside the engine block involving the cylinder banks. This really eliminated initial plus 2nd purchase vibration difficulties, see engine balance. A dual-length Variable Length Intake Manifold is fitted with optimise engine flexibility.
This was the very first time a V6 engine was available with substitute the straight-six configuration. This fresh Mercedes-Benz M112 engine yielded 221 hp plus 229 ft lbf of torque plus available a 0-60 mph of 6.9 seconds. Other products were the E420, E430, plus E55 AMG with 354 hp along with a 5.4 L usually aspirated engine. In North America, the range additionally attributes 2 diesels, including both non-turbocharged plus turbocharged 3.0 litre straight-six units. In 2000, Mercedes-Benz discontinued diesel powerplants inside the E-class inside North America. In Europe, the diesel motors were superseded by more advanced Common Rail units. The CDI motors were not available inside North America till the E320 CDI inside the new W211 model.

Gasoline Engines for North American Market.

E 320 1996-1997
E 320 1997-2002
E 420/400 1997
E 430 1998-2002
E 55 AMG 1998-2002

Diesel for North American Market.

E 300 Diesel 1996-1997
E 300 Turbodiesel 1998-1999

Common rail direct gas injection is a contemporary variant of direct gas injection program for petrol plus diesel machines.

On diesel motors, it attributes a high-pressure gas rail feeding individual solenoid valves, because opposed with low-pressure gas pump feeding device injectors. Third-generation prevalent rail diesels today feature piezoelectric injectors for improved precision, with gas pressures about 3,000 bar.
The early W210 E-Class carried over the 4-speed 4G-TRONIC automatic within the past W124 generation E-Class. In 1997, Mercedes installed inside the E-class its electronically-controlled model "722.6" five-speed automatic transmission which initially saw duty inside 1996 inside the V8-powered W140 S-class models. The 722.6 transmission is today chosen inside a amount of Daimler-Chrysler cars. The 5-speed transmission was advertised because "sealed for life"; nevertheless, Mercedes dealers today suggest changing the fluid at usual intervals. A five-speed guide is equally accessible, though following the facelift inside 2000, it was changed with a six-speed guide.
The W210 chassis initially came with among the following OEM wheel setups:

E300/E320: 16 x 7.5" ET41
E420: 16 x 7.5" ET41
E430: 16 x 7.5" ET41; 17 x 7.5" ET41
Sport Package: 17 x 8" ET37
Special Edition: 17 x 8" ET35
E55: 18 x 8" ET31 front, 18 x 9" ET35 back.

ET is the German abbreviation for Einpresstiefe or offset, where the quantity is within mm plus indicates the amount of offset. This ETxx is stamped found on the inside OEM rims for convenient reference.

The bolt pattern is 5x112, with an offset range of 30-40 mm, a wheel size range of 16"x6.0" with 20"x8.5". This really is the same bolt pattern because many Mercedes, including the past E-Class. The new Mercedes, including the 2003 with the present E-Class, have 14 mm lugs, creating the wheels interchangeable just with all the employ of aftermarket lugs.
Many recognized issues include the front spring perch has corroded plus tearing away within the interior fender, causing the front suspension with collapse. Other issues include faulty harmonic balancer pulleys, rust about torso lid close latch, rust about Mercedes emblem about front bonnet, rust about door frames below window seals, rust about front wings only above bumper, faulty mass airflow meter, melted back light bulb sockets, faulty blower engine regulators, plus back window regulator failures.

Harmonic Balancer - Many M112 plus M113 machines chosen inside W210 models were built with a harmonic balancer pulley that, due with a supplier standard condition, might fail plus result engine damage. If the rubber insert of the harmonic balancer pulley delaminates, the pulley will grind by the timing chain cover plus oil pan, causing many 1000 $ of damage. Mercedes-Benz USA issued Service Campaign #2005-020003 that included inspection of the element plus substitution when essential at no expense. The element amount found on the harmonic balancer pulley is compared to people provided with Mercedes-Benz dealers inside the Service Campaign see with determine when the element is a faulty authentic or has been changed with all the up-to-date element. Replacement of the faulty element with all the up-to-date piece ought to be a lasting answer for this condition.

Blower Motor Regulator - If this piece fails, the climate control enthusiast won't work quicker than around 50% energy. Mercedes up-to-date the regulator with enhance its security, nevertheless the redesigned regulator needs the installation of the unique blower motor---about ,000 inside components. The old-style regulator, that is suitable with all the existing blower engine, is not a longer produced. The blower engine regulator can be changed with all the a lot less pricey W140 S-class blower regulator, offered which the E-class wiring harness is re-attached with the S-class regulator.

Front Sway Bar Drop Links - While not a severe concern, many E-classes end up with a sub 35 mph clicking or rattling sound within the front end. This really is commonly due with used out front-end sway-bar drop hyperlinks. These can be changed by anyone with minor knowledge of car DIY, for no over about 20.

Front Spring Perches - Many owners have reported rust issues found on the front spring perches - the best perches, that hold the tops of the springs for the front suspension. The perches are place welded with the chassis, plus factory coated inside a weatherproof mastic with stop their rusting, though inside several uncommon occurrences, water gets behind the mastic causing the perches with rust plus eventually with fail - leading with collapse of the suspension. The automobile remains controllable. This really is a condition which Mercedes USA have recognized. The condition is not identifiable without initially removing the mastic with check.

Body deterioration - Many model year versions of the W210 shown body rust, notably about European-sold vehicles. Rust might occasionally appear spontaneously about panels like doorways plus roofs about vehicles lower than a year older. In reaction to the condition, the maker might usually change or repair the affected panels beneath warranty. Mercedes-Benz has been criticized inside the European hit for not officially acknowledging this condition. This was due with issues introducing water based paint technologies.

Window regulators - The force window regulator, basically the device which transfers force within the electrical engine with the window, has a limited plastic components which may fail following years causing the force window with stop running. DIY substitution of the window regulator is performed inside about 1--2 hours at a expense of someplace between plus 0 for the element.

Head Gasket - The head gasket found on the M104 is recognized with fail, causing an oil leak at the back of the cylinder head.

Differential Bushing - The back IRS differential bushing wears quickly throughout significant performance driving plus cornering.

Diesel injection distributor pump - The OM604 machines were loaded with an electronically controlled injection pump from Lucas. The seals of the Lucas injection pumps become brittle over time plus leak. The electromechanics have equally been understand with fail. Because the substitution of the whole injection pump is really pricey, a repair kit is available inside that the affected seals are changed. Failed Lucas pumps are equally commonly changed with Bosch pumps from W124.
The Mercedes-Benz W211 is an executive vehicle that was yielded by the German automaker Mercedes-Benz from 2002 with 2009, beneath the E-Class model names. The W211 models changed the W210 E-Class models plus were superseded by the Mercedes-Benz W212 inside 2009. The auto was obtainable in 2 body types: Sedan plus Estate.

The W219, available because the CLS-Class "4-door coupe", was introduced because a niche model inside 2005, plus is based found on the W211 s mechanical package.

Launched inside 2002, the W211 E-Class was another development of the past model. Before North American sales started, the vehicle was shown inside the 2002 film Men inside Black II. The W211 development system commenced inside 1997, with shape function beginning later. The final designs were selected inside 1999 plus German patents were later filed about December 18, 2000 using an E500 prototype. Development ended inside 2001 following 48 months of development at a total expense 2 billion euros. Pilot creation went into testing inside the summer of 2001, the W211 E-Class first at the Brussels Motor inside January 2002.
What makes this an "AMG" is the hand-crafted, supercharged V-8 beneath the bonnet. That incredible engine produces a mind-blowing 469 horsepower plus 516 lb-ft. of torque. It s enough with rocket the E55 from 0 with 60 inside four.5 seconds! It s enough with run a quarter-mile inside mid-12s. It s thus fierce which full-bore acceleration from a standstill gave me a headache. Felt like I d bitten into an ice lotion cone. Zowee! And in the event you re sailing at 75 found on the interstate, we have which same rush of energy really a toe-tap away. This automobile passes with fervor possessed by some. A magazine lately tested the quickest creation vehicles as well as the E55 AMG was among the top 8. Fastest had been a race auto, thus throw which 1 out. The rest were 2-seat sports vehicles, certain with near-zero practicality. None might carry five inside comfort. No, the E55 is distinctive. It is the planet s quickest, best sports sedan. Flip about cruise control along with a radar beam measures distance with cars ahead. The auto accelerates plus brakes because required inside traffic. Even inside quickly, thick traffic, it was superb; an electronic stability system is functioning all of the time with help from an accident by adjusting engine force plus braking because required. And the brakes are the largest, strongest I ve yet experienced.
Conventionally, inside purchase with choose the transmission working mode, the driver moves a selection lever situated either found on the steering column or found on the floor. In purchase with choose methods, or with manually choose particular gear ratios, the driver should drive a switch inside or pull the handle out. Many cars position selector buttons for every mode found on the cockpit rather, freeing up room found on the central system. Vehicles conforming with US Government practices need the methods ordered P-R-N-D-L. Before this, quadrant-selected automatic transmissions frequently selected a P-N-D-L-R design, or synonymous. Such a pattern led with a amount of deaths plus injuries owing with driver mistake causing unintentional gear selection, and the risk of getting a selector jump into Reverse from Lower gear throughout engine braking maneuvers.
A harmonic balancer is a device associated with the crankshaft of a engine with decrease torsional vibration plus serves because a pulley for drive belts.

Every time the cylinders fire, torque is imparted with the crankshaft. The crankshaft deflects below this torque, that sets up vibrations whenever the torque is introduced. At certain engine speeds the torques imparted by the cylinders are inside sync with all the vibrations inside the crankshaft, that results inside a phenomenon called resonance. This resonance causes strain beyond what the crankshaft will withstand, causing crankshaft failure.

To avoid this vibration, a harmonic balancer is connected with the front piece of the crankshaft. The damper is composed of 2 elements: a mass plus an stamina dissipating element. The mass resists the acceleration of the vibration as well as the vitality dissipating element absorbs the vibrations.

Additionally the stamina moved within the piston with the crankshaft may cause because much because 2 levels of twist inside the crankshaft, that has countless follow-on effects about all engine ingredients which need adequate timing including valve starting, cam timing, ignition timing etc.

Over time, the vitality dissipating element will deteriorate from age, heat, cold, or exposure with oil or chemicals. Unless rebuilt or changed, this could result the crankshaft with develop splits, causing crankshaft failure.

Performance fanatics have been acknowledged with eliminate harmonic balancers, generally whenever the balancer is connected with the crank pulley, choosing which they aren t mandatory plus their mass reduces the performance of the engine. But, this really is unproven plus possibly really dangerous considering the risk of damage with the engine within the vibrations the damper is intended with avoid is too excellent.

Some vehicles, nevertheless, never come built with an outside balancer found on the crank pulley, plus as a result, will have the pulley changed with a performance oriented product that counter-acts these resonance frequencies.
The usual internal combustion engine is a water-cooled four-stroke petrol shape. It utilizes 3 circuits of functioning fluids:

Combustible air/fuel mixture
Water based coolant, generally with glycol mixed
Motor oil for lubrication

These are all important, however, should not be enabled with intermix. Apart from sealing the cylinder, the head gasket additionally seals water plus oil conduits involving the head plus block. Any connectivity between them usually result engine failure, or extensive difficulties like burning oil. Blue exhaust smoke can be indicative of oil burning. White exhaust smoke is an signal of coolant burning, another signal of head gasket wear.

Occasionally, the compression inside the cylinder might result a leak with shape inside the gasket as well as the gasket must be changed, or serious damage may take spot. This problem has been exacerbated by the utilization of aluminum instead of iron cylinder heads; whilst lighter than iron, aluminum has a much better thermal expansion rate, which causes a ideal deal more strain with be located found on the head gasket. Engine makers have responded for this by adding a non-stick coating like Teflon with the surface of the head gasket.

If the gasket fails, a range of issues could happen, from compression reduction, with exhaust gases being forced into the cooling program, leading with the engine overheating plus improved engine wear due with the engine oil being mixed with antifreeze. Coolant may leak into the cylinders, causing the exhaust with matter steam as well as the catalytic converter with be damaged. If a really big amount of coolant does this, hydrolock will happen, causing extensive engine damage. Occasionally, all which will arise whenever a head gasket is blown is excessive steam erupting within the tailpipe; yet the engine can act plus drive like general, till all coolant is gone as well as the engine overheats. In other occurrences, compression leaks into tiny spaces involving the gasket plus either the cylinder head or engine block trap air which is then introduced whenever the engine is turned off, that then escape into the coolant plus create air pouches. Occasionally, these air pouches could receive caught inside the machines coolant thermostat, causing it with remain closed plus further the overheating problem, therefore creating nonetheless more voids between your gasket as well as the engine. Air pouches will moreover result the engine with expel coolant into the overflow or expansion tank, therefore reducing the amount of coolant the engine has accessible with remain cool.
A damaged head gasket will permit gases with leak between cylinders.

The condition of the head gasket is usually investigated by checking the compression stress with a stress gauge, or greater, a leak-down test, and/or noting any indication of combustion gases inside the cooling program about a water-cooled engine. Oil mixed with coolant plus excessive coolant reduction without obvious cause, or presence of carbon monoxide or hydrocarbon gases inside the expansion tank of the cooling program could additionally be signs of head gasket issues. A wise signal of head gasket failure about water-cooled machines is the presence of the substance which resembles mayonnaise inside the oil, usually with be enjoyed found on the dipstick, or oil filler limit. But, the presence of the substance is not conclusive proof of head gasket failure, because oil may blend with all the coolant through different routes.

A leaking head gasket is categorized because either outside or internal. An exterior leak is diagnosed because oil plus coolant accumulating beneath the engine. The presence of coolant is recognized by shining a black light about what appears with be an oil leak; the appearance of coolant may show up below the black light. External leaks may furthermore appear because earlier described inside the oil. An internal leak will normally be diagnosed by excessive coolant accumulating inside the expansion tank together with the presence of hydrocarbons inside the shape of foam. The possibility of vapors or condensation &/or water build up from an exterior breather or catch tank within the head may furthermore result a somewhat buildup of froth or gunk inside the oil yet is very unlikely.

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