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Mercedes Benz C Class W203 Petrol Diesel 2000-2007

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W203) was a vehicle that has been from Mercedes-Benz from July 2000 to December 2006.
Pre-facelift Mercedes-Benz C 180 K sedan (Australian Continent)
Pre-facelift Mercedes-Benz C 240 wagon (US)

Build work on the W203 C-Class started in mid-1994, aided by the best build being approved in December 1995 because of the executive board. Design patents were recorded on 20 April 1998 and 4 March 1999. Testing started in 1997, with developing finishing in 2000. The 2nd generation C-Class ended up being introduced in March 2000. The sedan premiered with a range of inline-four and V6 petrol engines and inline-four and -five diesels. All of the machines had been transported more than from the W202, but the C 320 had been unique, providing 160 kW (218 PS). The diesels now featured common train direct fuel shot and variable geometry turbochargers. Six-speed manual gearboxes had been today standard for the whole range, except the C 320.

Mercedes-Benz debuted a coupe variation in October 2000, labelled the C-Class SportCoup and given the design designation CL203 (see below). The 3rd human body variant, a station truck codenamed S203 found its way to 2001. Then in 2002 for 2003 design season, a category of supercharged four-cylinder machines, dubbed M271, debuted for the entire number C-Class range. These utilized the exact same 1.8-litre motor, with different designations relating to horsepower amounts, including a version run on gas. The C 230 Kompressor variation sported 142 kW (190 hp). The new 1.8-litre is less effective but smoother and more efficient versus older 2.3-litre engine (141 kW (192 PS) when compared with 142 kW (193 PS). The C 240 and C 320, 4MATIC four-wheel drive versions are also offered in addition to rear-wheel drive.

Together with the C-Class property (truck), the SportCoup was stopped in Canada and also the United States following the 2005 design seasons. The SportCoup continued for sale in other areas until 2008. From October 2000 until 2007, a total of 230,000 SportCoup had been built-in the Bremen factory as well as in Brazil.

By 20 Sep 2006, over two million C-Class vehicles (like sedan, facility wagon and SportCoup) have been marketed since March 2000, with 1.4 million sedans since May 2000, 330,000 wagons since springtime 2001, 283,000 Sports Coup since springtime 2001. Over 30 % of total business occurred in Germany, and over 20 percent in the United States. The final W203 C-Class sedan had been produced on 14 December 2006 on Sindelfingen plant.

The C-Class W203 was refreshed during the early 2004. In united states, the refresh took impact for 2005 model year. The inner styling had been altered throughout three human anatomy designs. The tool cluster was revised to display a set of analogue gauges, as well as the center system and audio systems were revised. A completely incorporated iPod connection kit ended up being offered since was an improved Bluetooth phone system made recommended. For the North American marketplace C 230, the "athletics" bundle ended up being made standard which included AMG version bumpers, part dresses, and a rear spoiler.

A number of all-new M272 and OM642 V6 engines are launched later around. In united states, the changes took result the 2006 design year. The C 230, C 280, C 350 replaced the C 240 and C 320, the new-generation six-cylinder motors created significantly additional power versus old models, up to 24 percentage, whilst also increasing gasoline economic climate and lowering CO2 emissions. The C 230, C 280 and C 350 developed 150 kW (204 PS), 170 kW (231 PS) and 200 kW (272 PS) respectively. The three-valve double spark design ended up being replaced by a four-valve design, today with adjustable device timing. From the diesel side, Mercedes-Benz introduced a brand-new 3.0-litre V6. Fitted to the C 320 CDI, the brand new diesel cut CO2 emissions and gasoline consumption over the older C 270 CDI, and increased outputs to 165 kW (224 PS) and its own torque of 510 N*m (380 lb*ft) made it the worlds most powerful diesel at the time. The C 220 CDI obtained an electric enhance from 105 to 110 kW (143 to 150 PS). Furthermore, these motors in addition gotten this new seven-speed 7G-Tronic automated transmission.

Following the efficiency regarding the AMG designs in the previous generation, Mercedes-Benz attempted to augment business among high-end purchasers by launching two different AMG variations of new model in 2001. The C 32 AMG scaled back off to a 3.2-litre V6 engine, to complement the BMW E46 M3 displacement and enhance body weight distribution, but it needed a twin-screw type supercharger (made by IHI) to achieve 260 kW (354 PS) and 450 N*m (332 lb*ft). Like its predecessors, it put a five-speed automatic, assisting it to perform a 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 62 mph) sprint within 5.2 seconds. The C 32 AMG Sportcoupe was just offered by demand as an AMG STUDIO order. This vehicles is produced just in 2003 plus the manufacturing figures were unknown. The C 32 had been primarily sold as a sedan. But a restricted run of C 32 section wagons are created for some areas.
C 30 CDI

Another version was the C 30 CDI AMG, utilizing a 3.0-litre five-cylinder diesel engine, with the capacity of 170 kW (231 PS) and 540 N*m (398 lb*ft). Like C 32, it was available in all three human anatomy types, but this diesel model couldn't get to marketing expectations and ended up being resigned in 2004. The automobile's outdoor resembled that the C 32 AMG. This was the sole diesel AMG created.
C 55
Renovation Mercedes-Benz C 55 AMG (Canada)

Along with the mid-generation refresh of C-Class in 2005, the C 32 AMG has also been replaced, giving option to a unique 5.4-litre obviously aspirated V8-powered C 55 AMG. It was an evolution associated with V8 system based in the earlier E-Class, with energy increased to 270 kW (367 PS) and torque climbing to 510 N*m (376 lb*ft). The C 55 AMG utilizes a V8 from the same system household while the W202 generation C 43 AMG. Though optimum speeds is still limited by 250 km/h (155 mph), the 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 62 miles per hour) time has actually dropped to 4.7 seconds. Unlike the less-powerful V6s into the remaining portion of the Mercedes-Benz lineup, the C 55 AMG continued to make use of the five-speed automated with AMG Speedshift. The C 55 shares its much longer front end design using the CLK 55 AMG to support the big 5.4-litre engine. The C 55 AMG could be the best AMG model to function various framework than its base Mercedes system. The C 55 is the initial AMG C-Class to function quad exhaust outlets and an external differential colder. The Nrburgring Nordschleife lap time observed on variety of Nrburgring Nordschleife lap days for the C 55 AMG are 8:22 compared to 8:37 for the C 32 AMG due mainly to the revised suspension and extra torque. The C 55 is mainly marketed as a sedan with some of wagons offered in European areas.
2000--2008: SportCoup (CL203)
2001--2004 Mercedes-Benz C 220 CDI SportCoup (Germany)
2001--2004 Mercedes-Benz C 200 K SportCoup (Australia)

Mercedes launched the C-Class SportCoup (codenamed CL203) to European countries in October 2000 as a three-door hatchback coupe with a fastback profile, on the basis of the regular W203 C-Class number. North American business started in 2001 when it comes to 2002 model seasons.

Where in actuality the C-Class sedan and wagon have the traditional Mercedes horizontal bar grille with the hood decoration, the coup had a star-grille front end. The coup additionally have a fastback roofline and practical rear spoiler to produce downforce at large rates. With an optional panoramic sunroof, the coup ended up being seven inches (178 mm) faster general versus sedan, while revealing the exact same wheelbase size.

Preliminary machines included the C 180 (139 PS), C 220 (143 PS), C 200 Kompressor, and C 230 Kompressor. In 2003, Mercedes-Benz included the C 180 Kompressor, accompanied by the C 200 CGI in 2003, and finally the C 160 Kompressor in 2005. The C 230 SportCoup had been run on a 2.3-litre supercharged, four-cylinder engine. It supplied 143 kW (192 hp) and 270 N*m (200 lb*ft) of torque. The supercharged inline-four engine ended up being considered to be coarse and noisy in the luxury.

The C 230 base design enabled the automaker to attain a lowered cost than present products marketed in the united states, some proposed that the hatchback setup (as "liftback" is nearly never ever used in united states) and also the "inexpensive Mercedes" moniker would undermine the marque that has been traditionally made up of costly cars. Additionally lacked standard leather-based seats and a CD athlete, amenities usually expected of German deluxe imports.

The C 230 recreation Coupe together with C 320 Sport Coupe had been both cheapest designs when you look at the U.S. and Canadian C-Class lineup at the time.

Mercedes found that the Sportcoup was a favorite very first Mercedes for new subscribers, 40 percent of whom apparently return to subsequently pick more costly systems.
2008--2011: CLC-Class (CL203)
Mercedes-Benz CLC 200 Kompressor (Australia)
Mercedes-Benz CLC 200 Kompressor (Australian Continent)

7G-Tronic (coded 722.9) is Mercedes-Benz's trademark name for its seven-speed automated transmission. This fifth-generation transmission is introduced within the Autumn of 2003 on 8-cylinder models, and was the first seven-speed automated transmission ever applied to a production traveler automobile.

The 7G-Tronic debuted on five different eight-cylinder brands: the E500, S430, S500, CL500, and SL500. Additionally it is available on some six-cylinder versions including the latest 320 CDI engines which makes use of a VTG turbo charged common railway diesel motor.

However, all V12-powered automobiles like the S600 and S65 AMG still retain the 5G-Tronic, which has a torque capacity of 796 lb*ft (1,079 N*m), due to the fact new 7G-Tronic is limited to 542 lb*ft (735 N*m), insufficient to deal with the torque from V12 system. Also, while rear-wheel drive W211 E-Class cars have modified the 7G-Tronic, these with 4MATIC retain the five-speed automatic, even though next-generation W212 E-Class circulated the 2010 model season followed 7G-Tronic all across the lineup including 4MATIC.

The company claims the 7G-Tronic can help to save to 0.6 litres of gasoline per 100 kilometers (with regards to the vehicle) and has now faster speed period and quicker intermediate sprints compared to the outgoing 5-speed automatic transmission.

The 7G-Tronic have two reverse equipment ratios: 3.416 and 2.231. The wintertime mode, furthermore recently known as 'comfort' mode, begins in 2nd ahead and 2nd reverse.

The transmission can miss gears when downshifting. It have a lockup torque converter on all seven gears, permitting better transmission of torque for improved acceleration. The transmission's circumstances is made of magnesium, a first the business, to truly save body weight.

The 7G-Tronic could be the fifth-generation transmission for Mercedes-Benz. About 65 percentage of Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedans, wagons, and recreation coupes are purchased with automatic transmissions (thereupon figure increasing). But over 88 percent of Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedans and wagons are purchased with automatic transmissions, and automatic transmissions tend to be standard on Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

The 7G-Tronic transmission is made during the Mercedes-Benz Stuttgart-Untertuerkheim plant in Germany, the website of Daimler-Benz's earliest production premises.

The 7G-Tronic is available on the SsangYong president W, SsangYong Rexton W and SsangYong unique Rodius/KorandoTurismo (in South Korea)/Turismo (in UK).

In July 2009, Mercedes-Benz established they are working on a brand new nine-speed automatic.

The SportCoup had been spun off into its very own split line labeled as the CLC-Class in 2008. The vehicle ended up being presented on 2008 Mercedes-Benz manner Week Berlin, which happened from 27 to 31 January. The CLC was stated in Brazil at the organization's plant in Juiz de Fora, close to the state edge with Rio de Janeiro.

Even though the CLC remains in line with the W203 system, it absolutely was facelifted with an updated front side and end motivated because of the W204 show C-Class. The refresh reworked the trunk and front side along with various other improvements and brand new information (Mercedes reported around 1,100 equipment), including a steering system lent from the SLK-Class and a revised suspension. Out from the sheetmetal of CLC-Class, just the doorways, roof and quarter panels are held over from the C-Class Sportcoup. The inside remains mainly just like the first-generation SportCoup, though it performed have the controls from face lifted W219 and an updated optional navigation program.

Some auto journalists noted that the progress were limited so that you can separate the CLC-Class and shield the condition for the more profitable marques in the lineup; one reviewer reported the "CLC does more or less enough to establish new clients towards the world of Mercedes" hence it had the "feel of a geniune Mercedes-Benz, that will be more than I would say in regards to the A-Class and B-Class front-wheel-drive hatchbacks". Due to the age the W203 platform which "exudes an amount of float and wallow" not found in the W204 C-Class, the CLC got combined feedback against sportier competitors for instance the BMW 1 show coup (an effective replacement of 3-Series hatchback).

In 2009 the CLC 160 BlueEFFICIENCY had been added to the product range, additionally the CLC 230 was rechristened as CLC 250.

Daimler AG determined your CLC will never carry on production. Instead, the W204 C-Class obtained a traditionally designed coup included with the lineup the 2012 model 12 months, coinciding aided by the facelifted W204 sedan/saloon within the fourth quarter of 2011. The 2012 C-Class Coupe is put straight contrary to the BMW 3 show Coup.

The Mercedes-Benz M272 system was a V6 car piston engine family utilized in the 2000s (ten years). Introduced in 2004, it's on the basis of the M112 V6 introduced in 1998.

All M272 motors need aluminum motor blocks with a 90 vee perspective with silicon/aluminum lined cylinders. The aluminum DOHC cylinder minds have actually 4 valves per cylinder. Direct injection can be used in a finite manner from the 3.5 L V6, whereas others utilize mainstream slot fuel injections. All need forged metallic connecting rods, one-piece cast crankshaft, iron-coated aluminum pistons and a magnesium intake manifold. Such as the M112, a balance shaft are setup when you look at the engine block between your cylinder banks to manage vibrations when you look at the 90 degree V6 build. This really gets rid of earliest and second order moments. A dual-length adjustable size consumption Manifold is fitted to enhance system versatility.

Continuous VVT is adopted the very first time. Featured on both the intake and fatigue camshafts, each can be diverse through a range of 40 degrees. The double spark-plug system had been replaced by a normal single spark-plug per cylinder. Brand new digital coolant flow control have changed the technical thermostat for enhanced motor warm-up and optimum control of system temperatures. In addition tumble flaps are widely used to enhance output at low system rates.

The Mercedes-Benz OM642 motor was a 3.0-liter, 72 24-valve, aluminum block diesel V6 system produced because of the Mercedes-Benz unit of Daimler AG as a substitute when it comes to Mercedes-Benz inline-5 and -6 engines.

The system features common railway fuel injections and a variable nozzle turbocharger. The injections system runs at 1,600 club (23,000 psi), whilst the compression ratio try 18:1. The engine features a counter-rotating stability shaft attached between your cylinder financial institutions to terminate the vibrations built-in into 72 degree V6 design, and crankpins were offset by 48 levels to obtain also 120 level firing intervals. In a few hefty vehicle solutions, Mercedes' BlueTec AdBlue urea shot are used for NOx decrease. In lighter automobile programs, a NOx storage space catalyst catches nitrous oxides, that are sporadically purged (decomposed) by run the system somewhat rich. A particulate filter lowers soot, causeing this to be system ULEV certified. Motor size is 208 kg (459 pound). Energy result is 165 kW (224 PS; 221 hp) and 510 N*m (380 lb*ft) of torque. When it comes to 2007 design seasons, torque are increased to 540 Nm.

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