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Holden Commodore VT to VZ II 1997-2006 Haynes Service Repair Manual

The Holden Commodore is an car produced because 1978 by the Holden subsidiary of General Motors inside Australia, plus, formerly, inside New Zealand. In the mid-1970s, Holden established proposals with substitute the long-serving Kingswood nameplate with a small, Opel-based model. Opel continued with supply the basis for future decades till the release of the 4th generation inside 2006, that deployed an Australian developed platform.

Initially introduced because a single sedan body fashion, the range extended inside 1979 with include a station wagon. From 1984, Holden started branding the flagship Commodore model because Holden Calais; the mid-range Holden Berlina followed inside 1988. Long-wheelbase Statesman/Caprice derivatives plus Commodore utility body variants followed inside 1990. Starting from 2000, the utility became recognized officially because the Holden Ute. The foundations for a revived Monaro coup, four-door Holden Crewman utility, plus all-wheel drive Adventra crossover were offered by the today discontinued 3rd generation architecture.
A station wagon, additionally property auto or property, is an automotive body-style variant of the sedan/saloon with its rooftop extended rearward over a shared passenger/cargo amount with access at the back through a 3rd or fifth door, rather of the torso lid. The body fashion changes the standard three-box shape into a two-box shape --- with include an A, B, plus C-pillar, and a D-pillar. Station wagons will flexibly reconfigure their inside amount through fold-down back seats with prioritize either passenger or cargo amount.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines a station wagon because "an vehicle with 1 or even more rows of folding or removable seats behind the driver plus no luggage compartment however, an location behind the seats into that suitcases, parcels, etc., is loaded from the tailgate."

Whenever a model range involves numerous body designs, including sedan, hatchback plus station wagon, the models usually share their platform, drivetrain plus bodywork forward of the A-pillar. In 1969, Popular Mechanics mentioned, "Station wagon-style ... follows which of the creation sedan of that it is actually the counterpart. Many are found on the same wheelbase, provide the same transmission plus engine choices, as well as the same comfort plus efficiency choices."

Station wagons have evolved off their early employ because specialized cars with carry individuals plus luggage with plus from a train station, plus have been advertised internationally.
The Holden VT Commodore, Berlina, plus Calais are the tenth iteration of the Holden Commodore, a full-size vehicle built by Holden, the Australian subsidiary of General Motors. Released inside 1997, the VT was up-to-date because a element of the VT II revision inside 1999, before being changed by the VX model inside 2000. In 1998, the VT created the basis of the prototype which became the catalyst for the re-introduction inside 2001 of the Holden Monaro coup---a nameplate about hiatus because 1977.

The VT series was granted the 1997 Wheels Car of the Year, causing the 4th time which this honor was earned by the Commodore. It found prepared approval inside the marketplace because countless customers steered away within the Ford AU Falcon, becoming the greatest marketing Commodore with date plus cementing its region because first inside Australian sales.
Some 20 years had passed before the Monaro reappeared inside the shape of the Holden Commodore Coup prototype, codenamed Matilda , which was shown at the Sydney Motor Show inside 1998. Utilizing the existing VT-series Holden Commodore, absolutely based found on the Opel Omega B modified chassis, journalists fast christened it the Monaro, encouraging Holden with build it. Public interest inside the vehicle grew plus orders came flooding inside. Eventually, Holden took the Matilda plus redesigned it for manufacturing plus by 2001. It was obtainable in CV6 with a supercharged 3.8 L V6 provided with a 4-speed automatic transmission just plus CV8 model featuring the 5.7 L Gen III V8, with a choice of the 6-speed guide or 4-speed automatic gearbox. A series 2 model debuted inside early 2003 with a revised dashboard within the VY-series Commodore, a new wheel shape plus several colors dropped plus hot ones added. The CV6 model was dropped following disappointing sales whenever a Series 3 model appeared inside 2004.

Two specialized edition CV8-R Monaros were introduced, the initially inside a gray color as well as the 2nd inside a more muted red. Every had unique wheels plus additional distinguishing attributes.

Commodore Executive V6 guide from A,760 sedan plus A,600 wagon, with optional automatic, plus V8
Commodore Acclaim V6 automatic from A,980 sedan plus A,960 wagon
Commodore S V6 guide from A,810 sedan just, with all the choice of the V6 Supercharged automatic
Commodore SS V8 guide from A,160 sedan just, with optional automatic or V6 Supercharged automatic
Berlina V6 automatic from A,800 sedan plus A,600 wagon, with optional V8 automatic
Calais V6 automatic from A,760 sedan just, with optional V8 automatic or V6 Supercharged automatic.

In terms of main attributes plus options:

Standard over the range - IRS, driver s airbag, seatbelt pre-tensioners, electrical seat height plus tilt adjuster, trip computer
Passenger airbag accessible over the range standard to be optional found on the Executive plus S for A0
ABS standard about all models except accessible because an optional package about Executive
Traction Control standard about Acclaim plus Calais nevertheless optional found on the rest of the range for A0
Automatic transmission optional about all models except Acclaim, Berlina plus Calais
Power steering standard over the range, with Calais featuring a speed sensitive version
Air conditioning optional about Executive plus Acclaim nevertheless standard about S plus SS, with climate control about Berlina plus Calais
Alloy wheels optional about Executive plus Acclaim yet optional about all additional models
Full energy electrical windows plus metallic paint standard about Berlina plus Calais nevertheless optional about all different models
Cruise control standard about all automatic models except to be optional about Executive
Fabric seat trim about all models except for velour about Berlina plus Calais, with leather trim optional found on the latter
A double-DIN 6-speaker 30W sound program with cassette player over the range except for Calais featuring 8-speakers, plus CD players optional about all models except being standard about Berlina plus Calais moreover featuring a force antenna with height memory
For Calais-only - automatic light sensing headlights, personalised key program, driven driver s seat
For Calais, S plus SS a leather wrapped steering wheel optional about all additional models
For S plus SS models, a back wing spoiler plus FE2 sport suspension optional about all alternative models
For SS-only, sports seats along with a standard limited slip differential optional about all additional models
Sunroof optional about all models.
Introduced inside 1997 the VT gained the heavier all-new bodyshell of the VT Commodore and heralded the introduction of the Senator Signature wagon for the very first time into the HSV range. An upgraded 195 kW 5.0 litre plus 220 kW 5.7-litre V8 motors were available. The VT Senator Signature came standard with speed-sensitive steering that might act inside different methods depending found on the road plus surrounding conditions plus deluxe suspension tuned featuring Monroe Sensatrac shock absorbers. Appearance differed from different HSV models with all the employ of the chrome single-slat grille, side skirts, front fog lights plus 10-spoke 17 inch alloy wheels. The suspension was lowered, with leather seats plus woodgrain standard throughout the Senator Signature.

The steering showcased the Variatronic energy assisted rack plus pinion technologies. The independent back suspension plus deluxe front plus back Sensatrac varying rate dampers fitted created for smooth ride control plus significant speed stability. Additionally, HSV added complementary unique attributes that were for the driver instead of the auto, including a Maglite torch, wheel nut limit remover along with a multi-purpose pen knife. The VT Series II introduced a hot 5.7 litre LS1 V8 that yielded 250 kW plus 473 N m.

A choice of 2 transmissions were available a 6-speed guide plus 4-speed automatic. Front plus side airbags, climate control air-conditioning plus traction control are a few of the qualities which come because standard. By activating a certain switch inside the cabin labeled "power" the automatic transmission holds the gears inside longer, this offers the vehicle more acceleration force. Storage wise the cabin has, purse behind the seats, door pouches, a big glove box along with a system bin and the heavier boot.

The Senator Signature Estate Wagon had 2 versions accessible with this variation the 195i as well as the 220i these was recognized by the badges found found on the back. The numbers that have been selected was with illustrate the energy the vehicles had. Many of the optional qualities included an upgraded braking program, rainfall sensing wipers plus deluxe tuned suspension. Leather showcased seriously throughout the car plus double climate control was to improve comfort for the guests throughout the big wagon. A special entertainment sound program is just accessible because an additional choice it involves a Premium sound pack with 350 watt force amp plus 6 stack CD. There is an optional Coulson performance front seating that is for additional comfort. The wheels are 10-spoke 17" x 8" alloy wheels. Today there are few of these wagons left now.
The Holden Commodore, Berlina plus Calais, and Ute range of full-size vehicles were the eleventh instalment of Holden Commodore, a model produced by Holden, the Australian subsidiary of General Motors. Produced between October 2000 plus September 2002, the VX served because minor update with the VT series from 1997 plus premiered revised styling, better model differentiation, together with gains inside crash protection. An intermediate Series II was introduced inside August 2001, featuring a revised suspension program amidst additional changes.
Modern headlamps are electrically operated, placed inside pairs, 1 or 2 about every side of the front of the car. The headlamp program is needed with provide a low along with a significant beam, that can be accomplished either by an individual lamp for every function or with a single multifunction lamp. High beams cast nearly all of their light directly ahead, maximizing seeing distance, however, producing too much glare for secure employ whenever different cars are present found on the road. Because there is not a unique control of upward light, significant beams additionally result backdazzle from fog, rainfall plus snow due with the retroreflection of water droplets. Low beams have stricter control of upward light, plus direct almost all of their light downward plus either rightward or leftward, with supply secure forward exposure without excessive glare or backdazzle.
Visually, the outdoor attributes a revised headlamp shape over the preceding VT amidst different changes. These include the tail lamp panel today changed by 2 separate individual light assemblies. The Berlina plus Calais sedans nevertheless retain the full-width boot-lid panel incorporating the tail lights as well as the registration plate.
Safety played a significant part inside the development of the VX model. Bosch adaptation 5.3 anti-lock brakes were created standard about all variants, a initially for an Australian manufactured car; plus traction control was created accessible about cars built with manual transmission. Extensive analysis was performed with lessen the effects from a side-impact collision from modification of the B-pillars. The risk presented with a side-impact collision inside a VX fitted without side airbags is reduced by 50 % compared to a similarly specified VT model.
The VX series introduced further mechanical updates with the 3.8-litre Ecotec V6 engine, that received changes with the engine administration computer with bring energy as much as 152 kilowatts. Fuel economy was furthermore improved over the past model by 3 with 4 %. The optional Supercharged Ecotec V6 extended its service with the Executive plus Acclaim variants, with all the 171-kilowatt output figure remaining unchanged within the VT. Also as the supercharged six-cylinder, an a lot more effective 5.7-litre Chevrolet-sourced Gen III V8 engine was available. The powerplant received force increases from 220 with 225 kilowatts.

A modified front suspension setup received lower control arm pivot points. The Series II update showcased the addition of the unique back cross associate, revised back control arm assemblies with unique fashion bushing plus toe-control hyperlinks with the semi-trailing arm back suspension with greater keep the toe settings throughout suspension movements, causing more predictable auto handling, noticeably over uneven surfaces, plus improved tyre wear.
The entry-level Executive had been a prevalent choice among fleet customers, plus available standard attributes including anti-lock brakes, a driver s air bag, trip computer, plus central locking. Along with all different variants, steering wheel sound controls, a CD player, plus an electrically retracting energy antenna were today standard. The naturally aspirated 3.8-litre Ecotec V6 came standard found on the Executive, with all the choice of the Supercharged Ecotec V6 or Gen III V8 engine. V6 machines were combined with a five-speed guide transmission, plus V8s came with a six-speed guide. A four-speed automatic transmission was accessible because an optional additional, irrespective of the engine choice.
In a naturally aspirated engine, air for combustion, or an air/fuel mixture is drawn into the motors cylinders by atmospheric stress performing against a partial vacuum which happens because the piston travels downwards towards bottom dead centre throughout the consumption stroke. Owing with innate regulation inside the engine s inlet system including the consumption manifold, a little stress drop happens because air is drawn inside, causing a volumetric efficiency of lower than 100 % -- along with a lower than complete air charge inside the cylinder. The density of the air charge, plus consequently the engine s maximum theoretical energy output, inside addition with being influenced by induction program limitation, is furthermore affected by engine speed plus atmospheric stress, the latter that reduces because the working altitude increases.

This really is inside compare with a forced induction engine, inside that a mechanically driven supercharger, or an exhaust-driven turbocharger is employed with facilitate inside improving the mass of consumption air beyond what may be yielded by atmospheric stress alone.

As a two-stroke diesel engine is unable of all-natural aspiration because defined above, several way of charging the cylinders with scavenging air should be integrated into the engine shape. This really is normally attained with a positive displacement blower driven by the crankshaft. The blower refuses to act because a supercharger inside this application, because it is very sized with provide a amount of air flow which is within direct proportion with engine s requirement for combustion, at a provided energy plus speed. By the Society of Automotive Engineer s description, a mechanically scavenged two-stroke diesel engine is regarded as naturally aspirated.
Holden s performance automobile partner Holden Special Vehicles yielded a amount of models based found on the Holden VX Commodore, including the HSV VX Clubsport.

The VX Series II was introduced inside 2001 plus discontinued inside 2002.
VX II Clubsport R8

The VX Clubsport was established inside early 2000 plus showcased the same V8 engine because the Clubsport VT Series II, however, with an improved energy output, up by 5 kW with 255 kW. During the development of the VX Clubsport HSV responded with numerous consumers complaints regarding how Clubsports were difficult with distinguish from standard Holden Commodores. The improvements due for this included a more flamboyant, specific bodykit plus exclusive HSV interior qualities.

Series 1 VX GTS --- 112 produced
Series 2 VX SV300

2001--2002 HSV Maloo R8

In September 2000, the long-lived VS series Maloo utility was finally changed by an all-new VU series, based on the existing VX series HSV sedans. The VU Maloo showcased the same LS1 5.7 litre V8 engine because inside the VX ClubSport with 255 kW. Mirroring the sedan range, the HSV VU ute was today additionally accessible because Maloo R8, that showcased standard Performance brakes along with a difficult tonneau cover with raised back wing. Overall, 301 examples were yielded of the initial series VU Maloo.

HSV s VU Series 2 Maloo was introduced inside October 2001 inside concert with all the VX Series 2 sedans, with minor aesthetic updates which included blackout design headlights plus extra Maloo range paint colors of Delft Blue plus HSV Racing Green. This model upgrade additionally introduced brand-new safety measures inside the shape of HSV DNA , the micro DataDot component identification program. Overall, 483 samples of VU Series 2 were yielded, including inside June 2002, 20 samples of a unique HSV 15th Anniversary Edition Maloo ute.

The 2000 VX Series brought a facelift with more angular styling with a distinctive egg-crate grille whilst the VX Series II added toe-control hyperlinks with the IRS, and also Microdot development with deter theft. Most of the key changes with the VX Senator are largely outdoor changes, with graphic styling was again crafted by past Tom Walkinshaw Racing designer Ian Callum. These changes included a chrome grille highlight, crossed hatch lower grille, rooftop spoiler along with a discerning boot installed spoiler. Power improved by 5 kW for the today 255 kW LS1 V8. The VX Senator was partly based found on the Holden Calais at the time. Electronic Traction Control comes because a standard choice. Many qualities which come with all the ,881 Senator include 10-stacker CD player, 2 subwoofers with a premium sound program, 4 airbags, automatic climate control, cruise control, force mirrors plus windows.

For the first-time the Senator line up attributes back parking sensors that beep whenever close with an object whilst reversing. An optional satellite navigation program plus sunroof were accessible. The 4 speed automatic transmission is retained as well as for brakes there are 2 front ventilated discs plus standard non-ventilated discs at the back. Many of the dimensions are because follows: size is 4,964 mm, width 1,842 mm, height 1,450 mm as well as the wheelbase dimension is 2,788 mm. The Senator weighs 1,710 kg plus utilizes 18.1/100 km of gas by the city, the gas tank ability is 75 litres. When again the self leveling back suspension showcased plus piece of the entertainment package a 6 stacker CD player plus 8-speaker sound program was added. ABS plus traction control was added for additional protection. Throughout the cabin there is leather trim plus dark lumber grain found on the dash board. Many additional choices which were equally accessible at additional expense was the premium brakes, Satellite navigation, leather-pewter plus an upgraded entertainment sound program.
Senator 300

This auto was introduced inside 2001 with all the VX, continuing about into the Y series. Many attributes which come standard are 10 stacker CD program, 8 technique energy controls for the front seats, woodgrain instruments, electrical windows, automatic climate control, ABS plus front plus side airbags. This top of the range model expense ,850. The Senator 300 was presented with the public at the Melbourne global engine show. Just 33 vehicles were built plus 7 of the 33 built were with go about sale inside New Zealand. The engine is a Callaway tuned V8 which produces 300 kW of force plus is just accessible with a 6-speed guide gearbox. ABS along with a cross-drilled premium brake program were fitted inside 10 talked 18" chrome shadow wheels. 0--100 km/h takes really 6.1 seconds plus could reach 400 meters beneath 14.7 seconds.
The Holden VZ Commodore is the thirteenth model of the Holden Commodore line-up, a full-size automobile yielded by the Australian automotive marque, Holden.

Released inside August 2004, the auto debuted a modern generation of 175 plus 190 kilowatt 3.6 litre Alloytec V6 motors inside spot of the elder 3.8 litre ECOTEC V6 motors. Other changes with the V6 was the reduction of the supercharger which was included inside the S models within the VS with VY, this was equally dropped with all the 3.8L and wouldn't be selected with all the modern 3.6L V6. These brand-new Alloytec DOHC motors have continued from with the VE Commodore that was introduced inside August 2006. A fresh 5L40-E 5-speed automatic transmission sourced from General Motors was introduced found on the sports plus deluxe V6 variants.

The VZ is notable to be truly the only Commodore series of latest instances not to officially introduce a Series II update with the range, nevertheless a amount of mechanical changes were produced inside January 2006. Holden introduced the hot L76 6.0 litre V8 with its range. The V8 has been somewhat detuned, plus both Displacement about Demand plus varying valve timing have been removed. The base V6 equally went from 175 kilowatts with 172 kilowatts as well as the 190 kilowatt V6 went from 340 with 335 newton metres simultaneously, to satisfy modern ADR 79/01 emissions practices which became efficient 1 January 2006.

The advanced 3.6 litre Alloytec motors are more effective, sensitive plus fuel-efficient than the outgoing ECOTEC V6. Matched with all-new plus upgraded transmissions they deliver noticeable increases inside all-round driving refinement. To achieve 190 kilowatts, the Alloytec V6 gains varying valve timing about both inlet plus exhaust sides and a double stage intake manifold, when the 175 kilowatt variation retains varying valve timing found on the inlet side just. Selected models bring advanced active protection qualities which electronically support the driver with keep car control inside emergency scenarios.

The VZ Commodore was obtainable in many model variations, almost all of that carried over within the VY range, with all the exception of the newly introduced SV6, a specification level which changed the S range. All models inside the Commodore range were accessible because sedans, whilst wagon variants of the Executive, Acclaim & Berlina were accessible. Berlina plus Calais models were not badged or advertised because Commodores. The VZ was the last Commodore line-up with utilize the Executive & Acclaim nameplates, both of that will be later changed with a fresh Omega model inside the VE Commodore.

Sales of the VZ Commodore failed with match those of the preceding VY Commodore inside light of increasing little automobile sales, high gas costs plus growing interest inside the VZ s substitution, the VE.

The VZ Commodore sedans were superseded by the VE Commodore range inside August 2006, while the Wagon & Ute ranges lived about for virtually another year. Ute manufacturing ended inside August 2007, while the last wagon rolled off Holden s Elizabeth plant line about 6 September 2007.
Power windows are inoperable whenever the vehicle is not running. This really is basically a protection feature. It will be a easy thing with enable electrical energy windows with be operable whenever the ignition is turned off, yet it might furthermore result in the automobile much simpler with take. As a compromise, several systems provide the compromise of exiting force used with the windows till a passenger door is opened where time the window energy is removed.

Hydraulic drive systems may lower the windows at rest, because stress within the hydraulic program was only introduced with lower the window. Raising the windows necessary an electrically operated pump to work plus introduce stress at the right cylinder. These systems also necessary stress lines with every cylinder. Because of the complexity, the program might additionally leak fluid.

Many contemporary vehicles have a time delay feature, initially introduced by Cadillac inside the 1980s, called "retained accessory power". This enables surgery of the windows plus other accessories for 10 minutes or thus following the engine is stopped. Another feature is the "express-down" window, that enables the window with be totally lowered with 1 tap found on the switch, because opposed with carrying the switch down till the window retracts. Many deluxe cars throughout the 1990s extended about this feature, with include "express-up" found on the driver s window, plus lately, certain producers have added the feature about all window switches for all guests efficiency. This really is completed by activating the switch till a "click" reaction is felt.

Power windows have become thus well-known which by 2008, certain automakers eliminated hand crank windows from all their models. So countless cars have force windows which several individuals no longer know the normal signal from another driver of utilizing their hand with simulate moving a window crank with indicate which they want to talk to somebody whenever stopped at a light or inside a parking lot. The 2008 Audi RS4 available inside Europe, but, nonetheless has roll-up windows for the back doorways though its counterpart available inside the U.S. has force windows for all doorways.
The Berlina attributes included:

3.6 L 175 kW Alloytec V6 LS1 V8 till 31/12/05, then 6.0 L 260 kW L76 V8 from 1/1/06)
4-speed automatic transmission
6 disk in-dash CD player
Anti-lock braking system
Car headlights
Brake assist
Climate control air conditioning
Cruise control
Driver s plus passenger s airbags
Electronic brake assist
Electronic brakeforce distribution
Front plus back force windows
Independent back suspension
Leather steering wheel
Limited slip differential
Power antenna
Security system
Side impact airbags
Rear park assist
Traction control system
Trip computer
16x7 inch alloy wheels

The Calais is the best of the line deluxe model inside the VZ range; it sat above the Berlina plus combined deluxe with performance. Pricing for the Calais started at A,660.

The Calais attributes included:

3.6 L 190 kW Alloytec V6 LS1 V8 till 31/12/05, then 260 kW 6.0 L L76 V8 from 1/1/06)
4-Speed automatic transmission
5-speed automatic transmission
6 disk in-dash CD player
Anti-lock braking system
Car headlights
Brake assist
Cruise control
Driver s plus passenger s airbags
Dual zone electronic climate control
Electronic brake assist
Electronic brakeforce distribution
Electronic stability program
Front plus back energy windows
Independent back suspension
Limited slip differential
Luxury / sports suspension
Power antenna
Security system
Side impact airbags
Sports leather steering wheel
Rear park assist
Traction control system
Trip computer
17x8 inch alloy wheels

Holden Commodore VT VX VY VZ Series Haynes Service and Repair Manual 1997-2006 - 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005

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