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Commodore Lexcen VN to VS 1988 1997 Gregorys Service Repair Manual

The Holden Commodore (VP) is a full-size vehicle that was created by the Australian manufacturer Holden from 1991 to 1993. It absolutely was the next iteration of this second generation with this Australian made design. Their range included the true luxury variants, Holden Berlina (VP) and Holden Calais (VP).


The VP show premiered in September 1991 with mainly cosmetic and show modifications to your outgoing VN Series Commodore. The 3.8 litre V6 and 5.0 litre V8 machines through the VN had been held more than, although V6 motor gotten various changes that improved their sophistication and noise qualities including improving power by two kilowatts. The 2.0 litre straight-4 system which was in fact supplied regarding VN using export markets was discontinued. Semi-trailing arm IRS became traditional on Calais and Commodore SS brands and became an optional additional on lower-end versions. This latest suspension system significantly improving ride and handling over that provided by the real time rear axle. ABS brakes had been in addition launched in VP number as an option on Series 1 Calais and Commodore SS versions, as well as on many designs with IRS for Series II versions. Additional protection features had been launched throughout the range, including an ignition-disabling unit and a driver's door deadlock. Power mirrors are also a standard feature over the model number. The VP show is changed in July 1993 by the VR show Commodore.

The VP Calais has also been marketed in Thailand, with 3.8 V6 version, later on it put an Opel 2.6-litre C26NE inline-six Dual Ram system.
Commodore Administrator

The Commodore administrator was the base type of the VP Commodore range.
Commodore S

The Commodore S is the cheapest sports variation regarding the VP Commodore number. It had been basically much like the professional, but with sports trim much like the SS design.
Commodore SS

The Commodore SS was the top the range activities style of the VP Commodore number.
Commodore Berlina

The Commodore Berlina was the most affordable luxury variation regarding the VP Commodore range.
Commodore Berlina LX

The Commodore Berlina LX had been the semi-luxury type of the VP Commodore number. This model was essentially a stepping rock between your Berlina and Calais.

The Calais ended up being the blissful luxury type of the VP Commodore number. It absolutely was nonetheless not badged or promoted as a Commodore.
Minimal version alongside specification amount
Commodore SS V6

The SS V6 ended up being a 1992 restricted production design which have all the features associated with the regular Commodore SS but utilized the 3.8L V6 system in place of the 5.0L V8. It was produced to homologate the right model for the team 3E Series Production Cars motor rushing category, which needed a little lowest run of vehicles to be built. The SS V6's primary opponent was the Ford EB2 Falcon XR6.
Commodore BT1

The Commodore BT1, or the Police Pack is a unique pack the VP Commodore that was offered to the Australian and unique Zealand Police causes. It had been based on the Commodore government and added numerous requirements upgrades to focus on the needs of the authorities power. Numerous believe BT1 Commodores have a "cop chip" which increased the system energy result, however this is a myth, as the system power matches in regular VP Commodores.

Even though the pack diverse in each state, these were generally fitted with:

FE2 sports suspension system
Oils sump protector
always-on top lighted speedo (in the group while watching speedo for "headlights off" speed checks when following speedsters) with 2 km increments (depending on Berlina/Calais)
dome light and map light interior lighting
15" X 7" metal rims (sometimes called "chaser", "pursuit" or "interceptor" rims)
Transmission Cooler
nation pack suspension system
vinyl flooring mats
restricted slide differential

Commodore Vacationer

The Commodore Vacationer is a small edition design on the basis of the Commodore manager. The VP Commodore Vacationer was released in October 1992.
Calais Overseas

The Calais International had been a finite version design on the basis of the VP Calais and released in September 1992. A complete of 300 are built, 150 in Alaskan light plus the exact same number in Anthracite Grey. All had been equipped with the V8 engine and automatic transmission therefore the external highlighted Commodore SS decrease system (with fog lighting) and a Holden VQ Caprice bootlip along with special Overseas badges. The paint was solitary color, unlike the typical Calais which had a grey lower one half. Standard wheels are the 15in alloys from VQ Statesman but with Holden logo design's inside center cap in addition to indoor was black over tan, with tan partial leather/suede chairs, and special leather-based SS style controls.
Toyota Lexcen (T2)
Toyota Lexcen (T2) CSi sedan

A badge designed variant associated with the Holden VP is advertised by Toyota whilst the Toyota Lexcen. The T2 series Lexcen had been available in CSi, VXi, and Newport trim levels, with a choice of sedan and wagon body types. It was offered just with the 3.8 litre V6 engine therefore the four speed automated transmission, the V8 not available in the Lexcen.


A software application variation for the VP Commodore has also been created and launched in January 1992. It had been marketed as the Holden Ute and was not badged as a Commodore. No Toyota equivalent was ever before created.
Holden VP II Ute
Holden VP II Ute
HSV number
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The better overall performance VP run sold by Holden Special cars (HSV) comprised the alternatives given just below (like VQ II):

LS Utility (VG and VP) --- 54 made, September 1991 -- June 1993
Club Sport --- 387 built, October 1991 -- June 1993
fifth Anniversary Club recreation --- 65 developed
Sport Wagon --- 43 made, October 1991 -- Summer 1993
5th Anniversary athletics truck --- 5 built
SV91 --- 103 built, October 1991 -- Summer 1992
+ Six 1992 --- 82 developed, February 1992 -- June 1992
+ Six 1993 --- 58 made, March 1993
Maloo --- 34 created, March 1992 -- April 1993
fifth Anniversary Maloo --- 15 made
Senator --- 201 built, April 1992 -- August 1993
fifth Anniversary Senator --- 15 made, March 1993 -- May 1993
Senator 5000i --- 136 built, Summer 1992 -- September 1993
fifth Anniversary Senator 5000i --- 30 built, June 1993 -- August 1993
Nitron --- 50 built, July 1992 -- August 1992
GTS --- 130 built, September 1992 -- December 1992
SV93 Statesman --- 46 built, September 1992 -- March 1993
Formula --- 67 developed, might 1993 -- Summer 1993 (different to the "Formula" human body system offered by Holden)
Club recreation 5000i --- 50 developed, May 1993 -- Summer 1993
Statesman (VQ II) --- 84 built, April 1992 -- April 1993
5th Anniversary Statesman (VQ II) --- 8 built, June 1993 -- September 1993


The VP show HSV Clubsport was launched in 1991 with similar 180 kW (245 PS; 241 hp) V8 found in the VN Clubsport. A unique edition was released for both the Senator and Clubsport known as the 5000i.

It was HSV's top of the range model, with some 120 manufactured in complete. As in the way it is associated with VN series, a V6 version was offered solely in brand new Zealand.

The VP series Maloo utility was released in March 1992. Best 49 examples were made in the thirteen period of manufacturing, that 15 had been special HSV Fifth Anniversary version models, additionally the last eight were All-Black minimal editions. These unique develop volumes confirm the VP series becoming the smallest amount of production data Maloo ute of.

Introduced in 1991 once the VN series is replaced utilizing the VP generation. The season afterwards the Senator is introduced, based on the VP Commodore. The Senator was created so that they can create a car that offered both deluxe and gratification along with to fit the existing long-wheelbase Statesman models. Promoting smoother styling compared to the HSV Clubsport and GTS brands, which favoured results instead of luxury, the Senator took advantageous asset of the separate rear suspension that has been supplied on expensive VP Commodores and Statesmans at that time and was just certainly one of a small number of Commodore-based automobiles that had automated environment control air-con. Other services included a leather inside, cruise control and limited slide differential. A three talked steering wheel is featured. Top speed ended up being 220 km/h (137 mph). The vehicle can be obtained with HSV's 180 kW (241 hp) 5.0 litre V8 motor combined to a GM 4-speed automatic transmission or 5-speed manual. There was clearly in fact two variations built the typical Senator and the Senator 5000i which featured an even more powerful system. The sum total number built for both variations is 382.

The VN series was released on 17 August 1988 plus it was a re-engineered crossbreed of European Opel Omega and Opel Senator. This donor system is paired to a Buick V6 engine or perhaps the Holden V8 motor. The project cost some A0 million.

Plus becoming very based on the Opel Senator, the VN furthermore had been likewise in line with the Opel Omega, but this time, the last VL Commodore floor arrange had been widened and stretched. The Commodore could now complement the competing Ford Falcon for dimensions. The VN Commodore is for sale in government, S, SS, Berlina and Calais specs values, although an even more fundamental SL design (opt. rule A9K) is supposedly provided to federal government and fleet purchasers, whilst wasn't officially listed as part of the Commodore range. The VN Commodore has also been granted Wheels Car of the Year for an extra time in 1988. For the first time since 1984, Holden again offered a commercial coupe utility utilizing the first-Commodore centered VG Utility offered from August 1990. The Holden Statesman and Caprice (VQ) versions, that have been introduced in March 1990, had been in addition VN Commodore created, but shared an extended wheelbase utilizing the VN Commodore truck and VG Utility.

Changes in the relative standards of this Australian dollar, japan yen, together with people dollar managed to get not practical to carry on with the well-regarded Nissan system associated with the VL. Instead, Holden produced their own 90-degree V6 centered on a vintage Buick design from the US, though in the beginning it was brought in. The 5.0-litre V8 remained optional and got a power boost to 165 kW (221 hp). Both these motors used multi aim GM EFI and also the V6 using 3 coil-packs for ignition. But not recognized for its smoothness or quietness, the V6 is however praised for its performance during the time. A fuel-injected, 2.0 litre four-cylinder VN Commodore model is supplied for some export areas like New Zealand and Singapore, which were marketed as the Holden Berlina revealing an engine utilizing the Opel Vectra A. Accompanying the modifications to engines, the four-speed Jatco automatic transmission is replaced because of the GM TH700 (additionally with four speeds) together with Borg-Warner T-5 four-speed manual gearbox.

a centre high-mount end light (CHMSL) is launched prior to 1 July 1989 because regulations in Australian Continent requiring them to-be suited to all passenger cars constructed from this time.

In September 1989 the show II regarding the VN Commodore was released because of the EV6 engine. A number of the changes included an innovative new cast exhaust manifold, newer camshaft sprocket profile and timing chain, improved atmosphere and gasoline distribution to combustion chamber, recalibrated ignition and injector firing inside the motor control computers, larger conrod bearings and revised throttle uptake. The automatic transmission was also recalibrated to fit the brand new machines torque attributes. These changes aided reduce preliminary torque amount whilst furthermore enhancing the noise and vibration levels of the V6 motor.

Under the Hawke authorities's Button car plan, which saw a reduction in the sheer number of products produced locally, and introduction of model sharing, the VN Commodore had been rebadged as the Toyota Lexcen, known as following the belated The united states's glass boat designer, Ben Lexcen. Subsequently the Toyota Corolla and Camry had been, similarly, badged due to the fact Holden Nova and Holden Apollo.

A complete of 215,180 VN Commodores were manufactured through the design's 3-year lifespan, before manufacturing ended in August 1991.

Unique Zealand

Unique Zealand specification Commodore Berlina, badged as manager (1990--1991)

The VN show is put together in unique Zealand between 1988 and 1990. When it comes to first couple of months of manufacturing it was really put together alongside its forerunner, the VL. This is as a result of VL Commodore being slightly modest, and providing a 2.0 L inline-six Nissan RB20E (for New Zealand just) or 3.0 L RB30E straight-six engine, furthermore by Nissan.
Brand new Zealand specification Commodore Berlina, badged as manager (1988--1990)

A unique scenario of New Zealand VN Commodore had been their trim amounts. Where in Australia, Berlina was of higher spec than exec; in brand new Zealand the roles are actually corrected. Commodore Executive was the Australian Berlina spec, while Berlina -- have an identical spec towards the Australian professional models -- and utilised a 2.0-litre families II 20SE four-cylinder motor.

The Berlina four-cylinder model ended up being an original car for New Zealand (plus a few other export areas) and is unavailable to Australian Continent. The four-cylinder Berlina originated in Australian Continent primarily for the brand new Zealand market, it had been designed with an unemissionised fuel-injected 2.0 L motor (tuned to run on 96 octane fuel), essentially compared to the Opel Vectra A mounted north-south, travel the trunk tires. The Berlina ended up being available in both sedan and wagon system styles.

The Calais systems were also wanted to unique Zealand, primarily in V6 type. In fact, because of a cancelled Singapore purchase, twenty totally equipped VN Calais systems had been sold in unique Zealand -- utilising the Berlina's four-cylinder engine. Furthermore, it really is thought that there are some VN Calais wagons around in unique Zealand.

a native activities design, the Commodore GTS, has also been offered to the New Zealand marketplace during 1990. On the basis of the brand new Zealand exec systems, the GTS showcased a 3.8L V6 system, handbook or automatic transmission, bodykit (similar to that of the VN Commodore SS), alloys and FE2 suspension system. It was a finite develop, obtainable in either White or Dark Blue.

The VN was the past Commodore is assembled in brand new Zealand, after General Motors sealed its plant in Trentham in late 1990. Thereafter, GM automobiles had been imported from Australia, duty-free.

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